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police state

It is creeping around the world. Suiting up in armor with battle clubs to assault unarmed, unprotected, peaceful protestors. The militarization of police forces tasked with protecting the status quo, the ruling elite against The People.

I repeat myself, but you must learn about the Constitutional Sheriff and the crucial role they play in the balance of power. You need to educate yourself (that is go outside of official pronouncements and mainstream media propaganda). You must speak up. You need to strengthen your community – get involved. Liberty can slip through our fingers so easily in the very near future.

Here is how POLICE in the USA gear up to CONTROL people seeking redress of greivances (disagreeing with what their representatives are doing)… from the Republican National Convention:


Here is what it looks like when the government officials and suited-up CONTROLLERS decide rights are negociable or optional (from Europe – only slightly ahead of USA in the economic decline).


There is quite a bit of information here at Idaho Liberty .com about the police state. At this site, you can select by any subject listed. In this case, clicking here pulls up that particular subject.