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I met Aaron Russo at a Libertarian Convention where my wife and I had just missed a screening of his then new documentary Freedom To Fascism, thanks to a string of disasters with our Hilton check-in process from the disgusting bathroom to an already occupied room and finally to one we could use.

Aaron was honest, open, honorable and credible. We had no idea how influential this somewhat regular, though unusually fearless, guy was. When we later saw his movie, that chance meeting and time together in the lounge seemed surreal.

The videos of Aaron are great introductions. It was where my healthy understanding began and I recommend you start with either of these here or here… then buy one of the Freedom To Fascism videos and you are on your way to ‘getting’ just what happened to your free country and 97% of our money.

This knowledge actually IS important. Their plans are exposed and they are not good for you. Their hoped-for results are not fated. We do have choices, but the sooner we make them the better our chances of living a life we want rather than the one they plan for us.