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mass shooting videos

I have been accumulating a number of short clips on the gun control subject. These are the best of many that come my way. I haven’t come up with an ideal way to share them, but here is my first try.

Here is an entire You Tube channel dedicated to short videos of people defending themselves and others.
The Armed Citizen.

Ah yes, the famous “We will not tolerate investigative journalists” clip. Here is the government agent who owns the right to define the Sandy Hook reality show in his own words. He warns all of us that sharing of anything that contradicts the official story will get your information erased and you disappeared. Sandy Hook “investigative” chief

Fifteen minute You Tube featuring eyewitness accounts, police scanner recordings, mainstream media clips. Clearly, irrefutably and completely destroys the mythologies of lone shooter at Sandy Hook, Aurora theater and the Sikh temple. This one alone should inspire further research BY YOU.
Sandy Hook, Aurora theater, Sikh temple

Before we get too far down the road I have been traveling in good company since the Sandy Hook shootings, this video changes the whole perception. Using much of the same footage others show, the narrator/producer shows an entirely different possibility from what many doubters had considered. Did this shooting really happen?

The Australian experience with gun confiscation and results thereof. Professional media video 6:28.
Wow. I tried to post the link time and time again. It wouldn’t post. It even locked me up a couple of times. The URL won’t even copy and paste now. That is unprecedented. Odd. Okay. I give up on this one, but you might want to ixquick search Australian gun buyback videos, if you are unafraid enough. I could always use company.

Wild Bill for America made a two minute clip about the red flags we should certainly be recognizing by now.

This video from IdahoPicker shows the capture of two shooters who survived the killing of children at Sandy Hook. He also gives some solid information hinting at motivation. 15 minutes

Fabian 4 Liberty published this ten-minute video about the HUGE LINK between the two patsies who are supposedly the lone shooter in the mass shooting false flag events.
libor shooting link

Here’s an article with attached video that details the seriousness of the threat LIBOR was to entrenched power. Their entire castle of deceit and power was at risk. To them, the murder of a hundred or more was a small price to pay.
Libor investigation

Another blog like this one that ties many videos together and another voice smelling the stink of Libor along with the stench of inhuman false flag execution. I like her title: Short Little Rebel.

Here is a link that is not a video. In the category of know your enemy, but much more importantly, do not feed your enemy is this list of organizations who are actively working to disarm those who would defend life, liberty and property. Gun Haters

Now if you are adequately fired up, here is a link to a thorough article by Devvy Kidd that explains first what won’t work against the fascist disarmament, but more importantly, what will: