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October 4th, things to do, noon to two

Whether the Emergency Broadcast System contains an assault on humans or not, the possibility is worth respecting, and removing yourself and those you care about from harms way is just too easy. The thing to do is be away from any devices that can receive those signals. That is both your devices and others. That pretty well eliminates public spaces, modern transportation and populated areas… leaving a great big world of possibilities for darn-near any of us who aren’t strapped to jobs in those spaces. Those folks may need more creative or bold solutions. For me it is easy. In my yard, shop or neighborhood I am almost completely guaranteed to be away from the potential offending devices. I […]

try, try again

Last time Trump invited Schumer and Pelosi to discuss border security they complained because he also invited television camera crews. This time he did not, but he did bring leadership from both isles of both houses together for the meeting. Afterwards all agreed that Trump walked out of the meeting when Pelosi answered his question about negotiating with a flat “NO”. I guess we are done here then, he said and left. The Schumer/Pelosi story to their co-conspiratory media was that Trump slammed his hands down on the table before departing. Nobody else seems to remember that at all, rather the quite typical firm, strong, but controlled Trump. Folks gotta believe who they want to, but I believe Nancy and […]

midnight prowler

At 0030 last night Beagle Brain went off as if the zombie apocalypse had begun at our door. In a flash I had my robe on and was in the front room. The motion-detector flood lights were on, but everywhere I looked was vacant of mammalian beings… or anything at all visible but the snow, river and trees that normally occupy our riverside yard. Yet Beagle Brain was barking at extreme pitch, far more so than the normal ‘won’t shut up cuz there is a deer walking in the woods’. I continue investigating, then see a flash of a man walking by our front window! Briskly. I dash to the side window to catch a retreating view… big parka, fur-faced […]

the end of terror

“This does not make me a “constitutionalist” or describable by any other such monicker that prissy victim disarmers and their bought-and- paid-for blackhearts want to hang on me. It makes me an American. And it makes them criminals.” – L.Neil Smith Behind Every Blade of Grass by L.Neil Smith This has been an interesting week—interesting in the sense of the Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times.” My current desktop wallpaper consists of a photo I found online, sent out by some civil rights organization, announcing that Connecticut gun owners were ignoring the new, Draconian laws intended to disarm them, and that only 4% of the weapons and ammunition affected by the law had been registered. Four percent of […]

neighboorhood watch +++

Seeing this sign got me thinking … “PROTECTED BY VIDEO CAMERAS” What are they going to do, hit the bad guys over the head with their cameras? How about “This neighborhood protected by bouquets of pansies”? I think that is just as effective. I am NOT reassured to be on video cameras. I am not comforted that others are either. Whoopie! My beating or demise was recorded on video. How lovely. Maybe it will play for a few minutes on You Tube. My 15 seconds of fame. Really now, does anyone think this old brown sign is going to protect them or their neighborhood? Heck, any perpetrator a notch up from brain dead could use a stolen car or stolen […]


Driving While Thoughtless is a crime against anyone inconvenienced, injured or killed. Almost by definition, the best and brightest in our society do not make it to political office at state or national levels. Unsurprisingly, they don’t grok the whole problem. Instead they attempt solve one small part of it, then watch in puzzlement while their new legislation fails to achieve the desired results. People who grossly overestimate their ability to multi-task including driving as one of those tasks has long been a peeve of mine. They are universally WRONG. You know it too. You get all frosted at the driver who is weaving, speeding, slowing, stopping inappropriately, failing to respect the traffic signal (red or green), backing up a […]

safety in a riot

I posted some great Lessons from Ferguson that Daisy Luther put up at The Organic Prepper. I fully agree that the safest place when angry mobs roam the streets is barricaded in your home … with your well-armed neighbors preventing violence from entering your neighborhood. The problem with that approach is that the safest place for your neighbors is barricaded in their homes as well. Oops, nobody is protecting the neighborhood. One by one your household faces a violent mob. One by one you are taken out, pillaged, burned to the ground and/or whatever else the marauders choose to do. All of you except Rambo have your fates decided by the worst humankind has to offer. I won’t be casting […]