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maybe my posse idea was simply ahead of its time

I first developed and published the concept of neighborhood posses nine years ago.  It was an integral part of my plan as I made an impressive run for Ada County Sheriff.  It was an excellent idea then, and was equally valuable in the distant past as well as in any future I can imagine.  Communities need to organize for mutual defense, protection and preservation of order. But it did not fly. It has not happened anywhere I have lived. There is no significant difference between a posse organized by the local sheriff’s office and one built ground-up within the community. You and your neighbors could do this – and are more likely to than being lucky enough to have a […]

Why you need a Constitutional Sheriff and how to get one

In 1997 Sheriff Jay Prinz and Sheriff Richard Mack resisted the federal orders to implement the gun control wet dream Brady Act in their counties. The NRA in a rare positive move, financed the lawsuit to the Supreme Court where Prinz/Mack had our rights upheld. That preserved a lot of liberty against the totalitarian juggernaut and confirmed the rights of people in this country to have a Constitutional Sheriff on their side. I discuss that and more in this upper left video. Further information can be found at:,, and I published a lot more information than what those searches will turn up, but it is all linked from there. Eight years ago I ran as a […]

visualize liberty

Imagine what this country would look like if we had begun electing Libertarians 14 years ago. I gave Idaho my best shot, which may not have been all that much in the end, but Idahoans really did have a choice with serious beneficial potential that year. I tripped over this show recently, realizing that was a good debate and presentation of ideas that would have made very real differences. In 2006 I did some traveling around the state as the Libertarian candidate for Idaho governor, a relatively tiny bit of fund-raising, produced some campaign literature, and dressed myself for mass-market appeal. – He cleans up nicely – 😉 When the League of Women Voters announced the upcoming state-wide broadcast of […]

Become the Leadership Cadre

This came my way in an e-mail. I have no idea who J.M. is or where else this is published, but thought it was worth sharing. I changed a word and inserted paragraph breaks for readability. It is long and targeted to a specific audience. Read and review when you have a chance. – Ted Think Globally, Act Locally: Become the Leadership Cadre Focus on the 25M Target First There is a consistent interest in the Patriot movement to focus on the bigger picture, on a national level. This ranges from insisting on the misdeeds of the current administration, to concerns about things like the Zimmerman case. This is not necessarily a bad trend, and it even makes sense on […]

emergency communications

A key component of any community planning is for emergency communications. The Posse, Oath-Keepers and the department of emergency management have the same comprehensive communication plan. HAMs, or amateur radio operators are at the heart of it, but adjacent are those with FRS/GMRS radios for localized communication. I researched the handheld market and feel the Motorolla Talkbabout radio pairs offer excellent value. I highly recommend and urge you to purchase your own pair of Motorolla radios. DO NOT believe the 35-mile range claims on the packaging. One mile is about all you can count on, but two miles are pretty normal. You may get more under certain conditions, but you will never see (or hear) 35 miles. […]

Stewart Rhodes speech

Stewart’s most recent speeches in front of major audiences have been quite firm, stirring and extremely well-received. He and I are very much agreed that there is not time to lollygag, nor do we have the luxury of working towards a political solution. The activities of those who would rule without limits are clear. The necessary response is equally clear. Stewart Rhodes in Albany, New York .

casting aside

Among my frustrations, exclusionary behavior among the activists ranks high. There are far too few of us on this side of the ramparts and our defenses are of too questionable adequacy for us to be casting aside potential confederates. In my post a week ago, angels dancing, I described the “sheriff purity test” that some failed to pass, therefore were unwelcome on our side by our compatriots. Some Oath Keepers are not satisfied with the commitment that organization has been and continues to be built on: Ten Orders We Will Not Obey. For them, standing FOR the Constitution means you MUST BE a militia, therefore armed, organized, actively training and ready to shoot violators of our Constitution. If you aren’t […]