Economic Collapse is inevitable

… and imminent, by expert G Edward Griffin … who literally wrote the book on it: The Creature From Jekyll Island. As if we don’t have enough trouble. This is a look at another one of the apocalyptic horsemen I have been warning about. Stephan Molenaux and G Edward Griffin discuss the final phase of one more fiat currency that will bite the dust just as they always do. Unfortunately, that currency is the one we use. The global, one-world-order cryptocurrency they plan to replace it with will me several magnitudes worse. Prepare to live under the boot or outside the world they are planning. There is no third choice… unless you count “Give me liberty or give me […]

killing the entrepreneurs

en·?tre·?pre·?neur | \ ?än-tr?-p(r)?-?n?r Definition of entrepreneur: one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise I add to that: The engine of a vital, creative, productive and healthy society. I created a small business flier fifteen years ago as part of my election and Libertarian Party promotion campaigns. The numbers might have changed between then and a year ago, but the principles and percentages won’t have. The front panel of 6 from that brochure is to the right. A .pdf of the whole flier is here: small business Entrepreneurs and small businesses ARE the reason for the successful “great American experiment”. The freedom to pursue your own ideas, take the risks and work your […]

Fast Buck Freddie In 1975 The Jefferson Starship released album Red Octopus with the song Fast Buck Freddie on it. The lyrics railed against the Feral Reserve stealing our wealth right before our eyes that were squeezed tightly shut. This group of musicians did that quite a bit – tried to open our eyes to the evil lurking in our political “representatives”. Click the play arrow above to hear what they tried to tell us 35 years ago. The dollar bill of the time could be folded in certain ways to create an image of a joker shooting himself with a handgun. That was Feral Reserve humor as they laughed their butts off while sucking the value out of our hard-earned […]

Great economic report is very, very fishy

The scam-demic is killing the small businesses that are the USofA’s foundation. Entrepreneurs are reporting their businesses will never recover. The numbers reported by government agents are radically different from the numbers we see, feel and live with every day. John Williams created the Shadow Stats website to show the dramatic difference between the phony numbers federal agents report and the real world. Today is not available. It has ALWAYS been there. Today as Trump brags about wonderful economic reports is unavailable for the first time ever. [Update October 31st: ShadowStats is back. Go there to see the current REAL economic numbers in chart form.] Record Recovery: U.S. GDP Grew 33.1% in Third Quarter After Lockdowns Lifted Mighty […]

four clear pictures of our current economic precipice

While cooking the numbers started in the Reagan administration, Slick Willy took it several levels beyond. If the lie is bold enough and told often enough it becomes reality. They removed trivial things like food, housing and energy from the inflation numbers as they were “too volatile and confusing to regular people”. Unemployed people were no longer unemployed after 6 weeks. Tell that to them, eh? Cooking the books and reporting the fictions is the new normal. Unless you visit John Williams’ He uses the “old fashioned way” of calculating those things… ya’know that obsolete concept called The Truth. Today, the reality is harsh. This is not recoverable. It also is matched by nearly every other economy on […]

Converging disasters – 21 days from now – recommended shopping trip

My Advent Calendar says 21 days remain until the USofA Election. It should be a really big show with ANTIFA, BLM, NFAC, Democrat Party and others promising to bring violence to every city, town and locality in this country, but there are MANY MORE FACTORS converging around that time. Let’s look at them, then consider a shopping trip. The short version of this post is in the video at the bottom… or if you read all the way to it, it will serve as a slightly different summary. We have a smattering of organizations set on burning, pillaging and terrorizing our countrymen. The kingpin is George Soros, but he is merely the guy appointed by the globalists, the new world […]

Big Business, on the other hand, takes no hits

On May 19th I published crushing Mom’n’Pop here discussing how crucial small business has been to our economy, life, liberty and property. Small business is either the prime target or one of the intended victims of the Covid terrorist attacks. Today I found this poster describing the country’s largest employers as very much NOT the target. I websearched the numbers and found modest variance with the figures below, but nothing that would change the point being made here.

The Ron Paul Liberty Report

This is on my regular route of media absorption – for very good reasons. I’m sure you know that OB/Gyn Doctor Ron Paul spent decades in Congress known as “Doctor NO” because his Occam’s Razor was: Is it legal for Congress, Is it Constitutional, are we really allowed to do this? Thus he voted NO to darn near everything Congress did during his tour of duty there. He had a heckuva run at President of these United States. Millions of us were ready to vote REPUBLICAN, but the criminal element did what they do, keeping us from having the opportunity to vote him in. His brushfire popularity scared them a bit… and excited a lot of us, though we were […]

incoming bribes

Payola nearly always flows TO the politicians. That is their primary source of income. Today the graft came TO US from the politicians. If only I didn’t understand economics. I could be happy with this little “gift” and grateful to the benevolent rulers who sent me spendable electrons. Problem #1: The billionaire club got most of the money – business as usual. The upper 1% got 99% of the “stimulus money”, as they are calling it this time, while the bottom 99% received 1% of it. That little spit divided among 300 million of us is HUSH MONEY – pure and simple. Problem #2: Every existing dollar in cookie jars, bank accounts or wherever little people stash their cash is […]

economic reality check

Ex-Treasury undersecretary paints a stark view of our economy. In the video below, Greg Hunter interviews Paul Craig Roberts. His credibility is of the highest order. His message is something we should be aware of. The man responsible for the creation and implementation of the popular Reagan-onomics is warning that the economic trajectory looks very bad. We can no more print our way out of this depression than one can dig their way out of a hole.

The Reagan administration began “CORRECTING” and “ADJUSTING” economic, employment and other data they reported to the people. For the rulers, it was a breakthrough. The hidden part of the Reagan economic miracle was that they printed their way to economic success. The real magic was that people did not know because the published numbers were cooked, I mean “adjusted” to make sense for the little people. Cooking the books has been “improved” regularly ever since. There are ways to cut the fog, but it does take work. John Williams does the work and publishes the real data side by side with the cooked data. He sells subscriptions with in-depth analysis, but gives away the charts and information I show below. […]

economics and toilet paper

Gasoline prices in the teeth of incoming hurricanes are an excellent example of how price signals clue people to minimize their purchases where the supplies are rapidly dwindling and unlikely to be replenished at normal prices. Instead of having the first two motorhomes wipe out the supplies, faced with significantly higher prices, they buy just enough to get out of the evacuation zone, leaving more for the next arrivals at the storm-front gas station. Each purchaser buys only what they need to get out of the impact zone and out to suppliers where prices are normal. At a high enough price, someone will truck fresh supplies of gasoline into the teeth of the incoming storm, replenishing the depleted supply. No […]