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the teenager baby egg project

I caught wind of a teenage girl toying with getting pregnant as a real concept. I mean, “Maybe I’ll get pregnant.” Like that would be interesting. It reminded me of a project from decades ago where the adults in the high school (yes, there used to be some) required the girls to carry a raw, chicken egg for a month. Not just during one period, during a particular class, but 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a month. Your responsibility, girls, is to keep this egg warm, safe, secure and cared for all day, all night, every day for the next month. You bring it here safe and sound 30 days from now. I do not see […]

career choice advice for women

It does, however, assume they are equipped to make good choices in mate selection.

gender benders run amok

This poor confused boy is not really the problem. Lots of teenagers are confused about many aspects of life. But have societies degraded so far there are pockets in the USofA with NO ADULTS PRESENT? This might be understandable in California or Massachusetts, but this boy won the Texas GIRLS state wrestling championship two years in a row. You mean to tell me there are now only two genders in Texas, women and eunuchs? Where did the men go? The man parts, testicles and prostate, produce testosterone … which has distinctly anti-feminist characteristics. This is a major part of what separates girls from boys. That is not to say superior or inferior, these differences simply EXIST. Testosterone is the […]

Choosing healthy directions

~~~ Only dead fish go with the flow ~~~ Of course one is no less controlled who always swims upstream. Being fully liberated, thinking for ones self is being independent of the stream, above and beyond it altogether. That is more work. It not only requires more thinking, it moves you away from the crowd. You are an outsider, an independent actor, a free thinker … with much greater exposure to outside threats. Most humans do not want that for themselves. The few who do are the innovators. They are as important to a healthy society as any member in it and crucial to the long-term survival of their community. They are the ones who explore the fringes and enable […]

California leads the nation … to what?

. I spent my first 50 years in Northern California. That is as different from the population center of that state as the whole is from the rest of the nation. Seeking like minds and a community I could embrace led me to Montana. There they are – at opposite ends of these charts. Yep. Seems about right to me.

racism back from the grave

In 1974 we all laughed with the movie Blazing Saddles. Racism was dead in the USofA. Racists were a tiny backward minority that found themselves unable to explain the prejudices they held for or against people based solely on genetic heredity. Those who would divide and conquer the masses decided to resurrect it as a tool. Enter, stage left, a gay Kenyan, his transvestite mate, and a made-up family of two girls with no childhood. C’mon… what family today has zero pictures of weddings, births, first steps, first birthday cake and so on? Our society was played like a fiddle… at least the masses whose world view comes from lamestream media. We will recover, but it will get darker […]

Fred on everything

Today I am suggesting you visit Fred On Everything .org. His latest essay is on the insanity that is the current feminist craze. He nails it, as he often does. I give you a teaser and a link. Go looksee. Fred Dworkin vs. the Sisterhood: Defending Women Against Bat-Brained Viragos Today’s “Left” is the party of Bill and Hill, of George Soros and the half-educated narcissists of Hollywood rolling in dough, of excessively comfortable academics and the media, all of whom use ethnic minorities as voting fodder but want nothing to do with them. When do you think was the last time Hillary or Megyn Kelly was in a truck stop or Legion hall, or had dinner in a restaurant […]

When Will the Rest of the West Follow France’s Example and Rise Up?

“One compels respect from others when one knows how to defend one’s dignity as a human being.” Amalric de Droevig This post first appeared on Russia Insider For years Alt-Righters have been warning that “war is coming”. Now it looks as if it really has come to France. When will the rest of the West revolt against their Cultural Marxist overlords? When does the other shoe drop? I would suggest to you that it is only a matter of time. The fire rises, a slow rage simmers in the hearts of all self-respecting, white, Western men. As economically extractive neocons and law-idolator normiecons lament the wanton destruction of property by throngs of protesters all over France, declaring the uprising evil […]