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Illusions – don’t believe your eyes

I collected a bunch of illusion videos a while back, began loading them onto my video channel, but the time to modify them so they would load got to be more than I was willing to put in. Embeded here are the first three; my successes.

Below are other illusions I wanted to share that way. They are quite shocking and very much incredible – that is, hard to believe.

The most important take-away today is:

Soon we may think we are seeing some absolutely amazing, probably terrifying-looking things.

Fear not.

They are most likely illusions.

The videos below expose illusions that are challenging to those of us raised on, or matured in the Post 9-11 culture.

Do not watch just one.
The evidence presented has to overwhelm your unwillingness to accept new material that is quite contrary to your previous beliefs.

Give it a fair chance. It took me quite a bit to accept the possibilities presented here – and I am pretty far along in construction of a personal disbelief system.

Flight 175 (9___11) – Slow Motion___


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