introductory lesson in virology

In just under 20 minutes, you can know more than “experts” who spend years studying official virology science in approved institutions.

This video is a graduate-level lesson presented in accessible language and visuals such that any of us can groc the truth about viruses.

I grant that this new knowledge may run counter to most of what you think you know on the subject, but remember the adage to the right.

I learned organic growing from A MASTER. The knowledge he imparted was the ability to read, listen to, understand the messages nature was presenting to us. Once we GOT THAT, no flim-flam could unseat our understanding. All new information had to pass the smell test: It had to smell like the truth.

Among Bob Cannard’s bigger lessons was that nature disposes of sick, dying organisms – returning their components to The Earth that new life can be assembled from those no-longer-useful parts. Chemical agriculture kills the disposal agents, defining them as the problem – and propping up sick, dying plants as proof of their superiority over Nature.

In the video below we learn that pharmaceutically-trained virologists do essentially the same thing when they kill the abilities of our cells to get rid of bad parts and grow fresh, new, strong, healthy replacement cells.

– Ted –