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genuine free range organic eggs VS factory farmed

My wife is an egg junkie. She MUST HAVE eggs in every breakfast – lots of them.

She picked up a dozen store-bought factory farmed eggs because my girls weren’t keeping up during a cold snap. The visual differences are screamingly obvious. Factory yolks are runny, watery while ours are stiff and full-bodied. I confess to a lack of interest in taste testing, though from incidental/accidental experience the flavor goes from zero to sixty; just kind-of there to EGG flavored.

No thanks.

Dog food.

Poor dogs.

Not counting investment in facility, labor, bedding and other details that go into The Easter Egg Chicken Ranch, the NON-GMO, truly natural feed costs run my eggs over $4 per dozen. Chickens don’t put out a lot in winter, so the price goes up. Our costs without labor/facility factors are similar to store-bought free range, non-GMO, organic eggs. BUT ours really are what we all imagine when we use those terms.

Faced with a choice, would you select the pale, washed-out, factory imitation egg on the left or the rich one on the right?

my way

What do you suppose your body prefers?

their way

I know my chickens like their liberty and the attention I give them. They tell me so.

For inexplicable reasons, I do like chicken ranching …

My Way