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Idaho Liberty .com is moving

It has taken me a long time to reach this decision, but I will be retiring this website.

I have been posting almost exactly the same content at Bitterroot Bugle .com since I moved from Idaho in 2013, and reinvigorated that old-time newspaper name from this territory last used in the late 1800s.

I encourage you to replace any link for Idaho Liberty that you may have stored with one to Bitterroot Bugle .com.

Ted Dunlap playing with the Grand Canyon in a trombone choir of echoes on one otherwise quiet February 1st morning … utilizing a pitch-adjustable bugle

Montana elk bull bugling its territorial claims

I was amazed and thrilled when the first name for my Montana blog that jumped into my head was not only available (crucial feature), but also had been employed in a literary culture that I believe far exceeds ours today.

There is some expense and significant work making the duplicate posts function. Many of you may have noticed that illustration links do not always display here. I try to patch them all as I find them, but life happens. I have many other things that bump maintenance down my priority list.

I am pleased with the number of visitors and visit counts IdahoLiberty receives. Thank you all for checking out what I have to share. I really do work for you … as well as I can.

You might have noticed the Idaho Territory map I put on the masthead here. Once upon a time Montana was simply part of the Idaho Territory. As it turns out, politicians of the civil war era created the subset now known as Montana out of political expediency. NOT in accordance to the laws of the territory nor of the United States of America.

In working to stretch my old IdahoLiberty website to cover my new home, I uncovered the fact that they are indeed lawfully still ONE. There are obviously hundreds of Montana politicians who will not let it return to that lawful status (without a fight) and a whole lot of people who feel they are “Montanans” who would also resist.

If (when) TSHTF, those borders may no longer matter. The American Redoubt could join many other regions outside the old political lines
(the Mexican border could be really fun to watch … from a distance).

Could be one heckuva show.


By the way, I would not be opposed to passing the Idaho Liberty torch on with its established Internet presence. I won’t give it away to a charlatan, however. If that is of interest, you probably ought to find a way to communicate with me and make your pitch.

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