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You might note that the headline below says “10 Great Books…” and I only included 7 in this clip. I didn’t want to give it all away. You really should go to her website to read the whole post. Click the headline link to get there. 10 Great Books for Homeschooling Parents January 30, 2016 by Emily We live in a time when there’s no shortage of great reading options for home educators. I’m incredibly grateful for that because that’s exactly where we turned when we began homeschooling. We turned to our local library and researched diligently to prepare for our journey. Since then, I’ve continued to turn to books for homeschooling parents for encouragement, further learning, and new ideas. […]

mega-trends: future construction jobs

I have contended that in a future with reduced economic strength, converting grossly oversized homes and motels into apartments and boarding houses will offer great opportunities for architects and builders. Remodeling is relatively cheap, particularly when the outer shell and infrastructure are well built. I remember seeing the St. Louis ex- multi-block indoor train station conversion to major mall about 25 years ago. ShaZam! One man with vision and capability transformed an albatross into a gem. Today I ran across this architectural blog article on a similar conversion at My Modern Met. It is very tastefully done. I pasted three photos here, but click the link to see many more. America’s Oldest Mall Now Contains 48 Charming Low-Cost Micro-Apartments By […]

quick economics lesson

Anthony Wile of The Daily Bell has interviewed Oath Keepers Associate Editor Brandon Smith, founder of the Alternative Market Project. The interview is published originally at The Daily Bell Here are a few excerpts from the interview. Please go to link above to read entire interview. ______________ Anthony Wile: How did you discover Austrian Economics? Brandon Smith: I’ve always been a big proponent of free markets and localism. It was not until 2005/2006 when I started writing for the liberty movement that I realized most of my economic foundations ran parallel to Austrian economics. I think that any analyst who pursues the concept of freedom in economics is going to come to the junction of Austrian economics eventually. Ron […]

vaccine bad news

<div class=”nd-region-header clear-block”> <div class=”field field-title”> <h1>CDC’s Own Data:</h1> <h1>Vaccine-Infant Death Link</h1> </div> <div class=”field field-share-button-table share-button-table”> <div class=”field field-post-date-custom post-date-custom”> <div> <div class=”field-label-inline-first”>Written By:</div> <b><a href=””>Sayer Ji, Founder</a></b></div> </div> </div> </div> <div class=”nd-region-middle-wrapper nd-no-sidebars”> <div class=”nd-region-middle”> <div class=”field field-body”> <p class=”rtecenter”><img src=”” alt=”CDC’s Own Data: Vaccine-Infant Death Link” /></p> <em><strong>The CDC’s own research has found that the long denied vaccine-SIDS link is real.</strong></em> If you believe the official pronouncements of top governmental health agencies like the CDC and FDA, all the vaccines in the present day schedule are <em>a priori</em> safe and effective. Not only are you told that they can’t harm you, but that <em>not taking them</em> can kill you. Parents are under even more pressure. They are […]

the invisible R

A lifetime of mispronouncing it was recently corrected by a local herbalist. Dang. Who’da’thought that tuRmeric had not one, but two Rs? … and that both were to be pronounced when you say the word? That aside, the probable benefits of turmeric are myriad. It deserves a good, long look … probably several. It got my attention. Turmeric is a Potent Inflammation and Cancer Fighter: How Much You Should Take & How Often Historically, spices are treasured for the unique flavors they bring to food and for their healing properties. Most spices provide some health benefits. But one spice that shines for its medicinal benefits is turmeric. You may have seen turmeric in the news as a potential treatment for […]

2016 will be a doozie

Gerald Celente is one of, if not THE premier trends forecasters in the world. His insights and disgust with the globalists can be a bit of a handicap when his passionate, justifiable hatred takes wing in colorful speech. I like that part too, because he expresses what I feel towards the psychopathic ruling elite in ways I feel without expressing strongly enough. Nevertheless, my wife and I enjoy watching Gerald being interviewed on other people’s programs where he limits his expression to what is more socially acceptable to a broader audience. Celente’s Trends Research Institute puts sociology, economics, politics and history all together because that is how the world works. His record for predicting The Big Things is impressive. In […]

inspiration you and I need

It is easy to slip into the everyday. We have to. The economy, culture, government and every aspect of our world has marched to the brink of disaster for most of our lives. Numerous tipping points have come and gone without The Great Fall occurring. Many have moved from preparedness back into the world of bread and circuses. It is time for you to return to the smart side. Let me rephrase that: It is time for you to watch the two YouTube videos I clipped into this article. They are very well produced and give a great picture of where we are today politically, culturally and economically. If you are on a limited Internet download budget, as I am, […]

This Is An Ugly Website

The theme, skin, or framework I have been using for this website has been out of date for a long time. But I liked it a lot better than any current ones I had been able to find, so I kept it. Something changed and I am now cornered into slogging through hundreds of choices, trying various ones out until I find The One to get this website look back the way I want it. I wasn’t short of things to do, but I expect I never will run out of interesting, rewarding or necessary projects. Anyway, I apologize for the ugly looking website. Even if you agree with me that this form is hard on the eyes, C’mon back […]