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Community Preparations For Catastrophic Events

This article was written by Tom Chatham and originally published at Project Chesapeake Many people now feel that pending trouble is in the air. They may not know what or why but they can feel it deep in their bones. For these people the urge to prepare for potential problems is now incorporated into their everyday lives. When something far reaching and catastrophic happens the ability of groups and communities to pull together is one way to deal with the aftermath and work through the problems to remain safe and healthy. When something happens that may prevent outside help from reaching you, it is necessary to have the infrastructure and supplies to help yourself until the situation stabilizes. For […]

from the pilot’s seat

Inconvenient Facts Chemtrail Pilot Blows the Lid Off OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD April 2, 2015 eClinik Learning 70 Comments Update 19 Aug 2015: Peer Reviewed Scientific Evidence Exposes Chemtrail as Crime Against Humanity Maybe my fellow pilots will read or hear about this, and decide to come forward as well. This article has been trolled persistently, we are beginning to understand why… A Courageous Chemtrail Pilot Exposes the Global Geoengineering Program Finally, a military pilot steps forward and completely blows the lid off the unlawful and exceedingly destructive Global Chemtrail Program. What follows is a video which puts forth a true story about a courageous pilot who has broken ranks with his chemtrailing peers. In so doing he has […]

toxic trails

Inconvenient Facts What Chemtrails are Doing To Your Brain are Shocking – Neurosurgeon April 13, 2015 eClinik Learning 15 Comments The article about a chemtrail pilot finally blowing the whistle about the previously unknown operation called “OPERATION: INDIGO SKYFOLD” has created quite a stir online to the point that it has literally shut down our system. Just to give you an idea how strongly the issue has affected everyone who reads it, just look at the number of Facebook shares on our healthcare site and on our geopolitics site. Yes, we were forced to mirror the article to divide the traffic. As expected, trolls from the government went hyperdrive to the extent that we’re beginning to realize something is […]

helping you swallow

So much of what I publish here is hard to swallow. I understand that. If it comes on too fast, it is like trying drink out of a firehose. Nobody would do that. It doesn’t make sense. Nobody could get away with that. Who would want to do that? You need to understand that there are genuine sociopaths and psychopaths in the world. They really exist. I know you know that, but somehow it doesn’t make sense that they get into positions of power. Where else would they want to be? Who else would say anything and do anything in order to attain positions of power? What kind of people would they bring into their appointed positions and inner circle? […]

silly whack jobs

One response to my Community Preparedness meeting announcements goes something like this: Are you people working with Ravalli County emergency planning, or are you another wacky militia group? … I think I’ll take my chances with the county’s action plan. Have they even looked at “the county’s action plan”? I think not. But they are happy to trust their, and their family’s well-being to it. Don’t worry. Somebody will feed you. Somebody will shelter you. No need to plan ahead. Trust the experts. There are adults in charge. I looked at it. I met with the planners and the sheriff who is the director in case of most emergencies. I published a link to their plan here: Comprehensive Emergency Operations […]

box fan box

We have been living with a really ugly shroud for our box fan. It started life as a temporary housing for my box fan to vent the smoke from my home coffee roasting out the shop window. I hinged it to the ceiling, then swung it out of the way for the 99% of the time it was not in use. In that application, being ugly just did not inspire change. It made its way here from that house, serving the same need in a similar fashion at my studio window. Forest fire smoke motivated me to drag out the single-room air filter to do a tolerable job of clearing the air we breathe while indoors. It helps our bodies […]

hiding from danger

I have heard it many times throughout my years of standing up. Said many ways, but in essence they don’t speak up, stand up or take action because they don’t want to be noticed [by the enemy]. Who knows, they might get lucky. There may be enough brave people standing up to fend off the attacks. Watching from a hide-y-hole certainly bears less risk IF the good guys win. But what if there were not quite enough good guys taking a stand? What if the defending force falls a few arms short of adequate? What if standing up, speaking up, pushing for change while it was only slightly dangerous was all it would have taken to prevent the violence? … […]

attractive opposites

11 Words and Phrases You Didn’t Know Had Opposites from Mental   What’s the opposite of disgruntled? Chances are you’re thinking the answer should rightly be gruntled—but is that really a word you recognize? The problem here is that disgruntled, alongside the likes of uncouth, disheveled, distraught, inert, and intrepid, is an example of an unpaired word, namely one that looks like it should have an apparently straightforward opposite, but in practice really doesn’t. Words like these tend to come about either when a prefixed or suffixed form of a word is adopted into the language while its root is not, or when the inflected or affixed form of a word survives, while its uninflected root form falls […]

odd ducks

Obviously simplifications that fit few people perfectly.


This is making me sick. Physically I am feeling it in my throat, bronchia and, when it stacks up on me, I get headaches. Psychologically, it is even worse. How can we see it, feel it and yet continue to pay our government to do it to us? This is insanity… in every way. Today started of with wisps of unnatural white drifting over from the west in little spots here and there. But we really did have mostly a nice big blue sky. No sooner did I think that than this planet duster showed up at 30,000 feet (plus or minus 10K). Dang. I hate that. Today I decided to get my ‘antique’ 5.0 megapixel HP camera out and […]

shooting range grand opening

The Bitterroot’s premier indoor 10-meter international shooting range had its grand opening today. That is to say that I finally figured out how to hang my spotting scope in the sally port. I had previously conquered hanging the pellet trap and a cover for the window in the East Door. I have yet to install an electric target light, but the plastic lets the afternoon sun in marvelously. The spotting scope is just a lean back from my shooting position when I’m at the prescribed 10-meter distance from the target. Thus I can take my shot, call my shot (where I think it went), then lean back and confirm my shot, before loading the next round. That is one of […]

big sky Tuesday

The view from my yard this afternoon. I don’t know how the doubters explain this to themselves. There is nothing natural about this. The lines spreading cannot be explained away as clouds, nor are they water vapor. Normal humans cannot imagine how the pilots do this. We can’t figure how the tanker truck drivers haul known poisons to the aircraft. How do the weather reporters ignore it? They do. Regardless of whether or not you can understand them, THEY DO. The proof is in your sky and in your body and every other plant and animal around you.