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air rifles

International 10-meter air rifles are amazing precision tools. With a “10-ring” the diameter of a standard pencil lead, top shooters can hit that ring with 99.9% consistency… from 33.8 feet away. These are not hunting rifles. They are specifically designed to punch holes in paper EXACTLY where they were told to. On my short list is an old-school side-cock Feinwerkbau. For all practical purposes, it has the accuracy of modern Olympic-grade rifles, but requiring no compressed air equipment. Compressed air guns replaced the side-cock rifles not due to significant improvements in accuracy, but because the shooter no longer had to change position to cock the rifle between shots. Which brings up compressed air. These are refilled from scuba tanks with […]

retirement financial stability

Economic collapse in Greece, Cyprus, Argentina, Zimbabwe, Germany, and everywhere else rulers have stolen value until their currencies turn to dust, always impacts old folks extremely. Younger, stronger, more energetic people can recover by entering into the barter and exchange markets that are as old as human culture. Working hard at the basic subsistence level can get people by if there is anything at all left in the natural environment to subsist upon. But old folks have a hard time competing in the manual labor department. Traditionally, they survive on accumulated wealth; on the soil, buildings, and infrastructure their family built up during their productive years, or over generations. In modern culture, that has evolved primarily into paper assets. What […]

money laundering

Neither as clean nor as lucrative as printing your own. These reeked of tobacco smoke.

lifeline to Greece

Yesterday I outlined the Greek financial dilemma or “crisis” as mainstream media loves to put it. Today the presstitute headline proclaimed: ECB THROWS GREECE A LIFELINE. I almost choked on my freshly-brewed cup of fresh-roasted coffee. The Greeks almost swam free of the Titanic, but the ECB snagged ’em with a grappling hook. Torn and bleeding, they were drug back on board. Other potential escapees were thus warned, “You won’t get out without serious resolve, and a fight”. This is a continuation of the story I outlined yesterday. See: sold to the lowest bidder. Much as with the Titanic, get yourself into a lifeboat, rowboat, ANYTHING. Get OUT of the doomed Ponzi scheme; the financial house of cards. Be ready […]

sold to the lowest bidder

The International Banksters loaned €110 billion ($121,366,300,000) to the Greek politicians. Greece is a highly socialistic democracy where there are 3,541,828 employed with a total population of 11,062,889. That includes private sector as well as parasitic (government) sector. This is an important distinction as real societal income comes from PRODUCING things people WANT TO BUY. The average net income is $10,264. In that income bracket, I remind you, there is precious little discretionary money. Food, shelter and energy take most of it. The banksters loaned the socialist rulers $34,267 per Greek worker – or a bit over three times what each of them take home in a year – and this is on top of whatever each Greek is in […]

flesh wounds

At her website, this article from Backdoor Survival .com includes links on how this works, what each component does as well as Gaye’s favorite sources for the material required. You can read the basics here, but I encourage you to go there for the full deal, sign up for her daily e-mail and check out her library. – Ted Make Your Own Healing Boo-Boo Stick Lately it seems that I can not get through the day without banging my shins against something, getting bit by an insect, burning myself while reaching into the oven, or having a dry skin itch-attack then scratching my skin raw. Nothing major, mind you, but I do look like I have been through a war […]

when the trucks stop

If you can’t imagine any scenario where the trucks stop coming to your town for a few days, you have Imagination Deficit Disorder. This is a serious, life-threatening condition that must be addressed immediately. Quickly now, call work, call home, call family, call anyone who thinks you are important over the next few days or weeks, if necessary, and tell them you will be absent. Then turn off all electronic inputs. Cut off all artificial sounds. Plant your hide in nature for as long as it takes for your mind to quiet, your brain to resume thinking for yourself and your imagination to return. See things in clouds. Play connect the dots with stars. Imagine the life of birds and […]

One nation under siege

Jade Helm 15: One nation under siege? Robert Bridge has worked as a journalist in Russia since 1998. Formerly the editor-in-chief of The Moscow News, Bridge is the author of the book, “Midnight in the American Empire.” ? An unprecedented military operation spanning seven southwestern US states has grabbed the attention of not only conspiracy theorists, but the governor of the second largest state in the republic. Jade Helm 15, the largest domestic military exercise ever held on US soil, will bring together over 1,000 members from the nation’s elite forces, including Green Berets, Special Ops from the Navy and Marines, and SEALS. The sweeping operation, according to the Pentagon, will give soldiers an opportunity to practice “unconventional warfare.” […]