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presidential spending

I wrote and published this September 20, 2008. People keep bringing up the grand mythology about Republicans being fiscally responsible and as often as not cite Reaganomics as some magical system that we would be fortunate to have back. I would kind-of like to update the charts, but it would be tricky as the Clinton I administration began heavily fudging the numbers and it has escalated ever since. The Truth Of The Matter: This ridiculous game that is being played out by the king makers and sold to the masses bothers me. Those six guys controlling the media make it seem like there are stark choices between the two candidates everyone is being shown. They simultaneously ignore true economic fundamentals […]

Boosting Your Immune System

What NOT to Eat […]

investment security today

The dollar, the stock markets, bonds and mutual funds have been dancing on the edge of a major precipice since 1988. Many trained, knowledgeable analysts have described it. I have studied both sides of this for over 20 years. The Federal Reserve and other central banks of the world have constantly and continually kept it on life support by printing more paper money and creating its electronic equivalent out of thin air. While this props the whole house of cards up, it will make the final fall that much faster, more violent and destructive. And they always fall. The US dollar has the record for lasting longer than any unbacked paper currency in history. But that too is coming to […]

election foreplay

Of the 316,128,839 people in the USofA, we are supposed to believe there are only a handful who are qualified to be President Of The US (POTUS). The media monopoly parades this handful in front of us for a couple of years while they jostle, squirm and wriggle to be near the top of the cheerfully-decorated slime pot when the final 12 month show begins. In its first century, there were unlimited political parties. Loyalties shifted with the people, times and events. That was difficult to control and manage for those who wished such power. While liberty thinks of that as A Good Thing, those who would rule found it a problem to be solved. Solve it they did, while […]

fair is for suckers

The gang has been slaving away at Parker Brothers’ Monopoly Game for a couple of hours now. This is a serious game. In spite of all his advantages, The Banker is going down. Not that he made too many awful decisions, but he just wasn’t smart and lucky enough to stay on top. This is a serious, adult game, and a dog eat dog, take no prisoners world. Except for Quantitative Easing – the secret weapon. He may not have been as clever, smart, alert and/or fortunate as the rest of the group, but when it comes to devious, he’s the champ. Stashed into his coat pocket is a complete replacement set of Monopoly Money (Actually, three or four sets, […]

3 Dangerous Cooking Oils

That You Thought Were Healthy AliceChemical “Foods”, Future of Food, Healthy Living Walking the aisles of your local grocer, you are no doubt bombarded by the selection of so called “healthy oils”. Trying to decipher which ones are good for high heat cooking, which ones are safe to use in salad dressing and which ones to avoid altogether can be unnecessarily stressful and time consuming. Let me set the record straight. Vegetable oils are often considered the safe bet and marketed as “heart healthy” but what most Americans don’t know is the omega fatty acids found in these oils can do more harm than good. The World Health Organization recommends that a healthy ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty […]

do-it-yourself root canal

If you think my experience with natural healing a flu I was likely to survive anyway was impressive, I waited quite a while to even post this next one. I’m still struggling to believe it myself. Don’t let the heading fool you, that’s just my copy editor being his perverse self. I have a little expertise with root canals, having had 4 done in my mouth; one a re-do of another that wasn’t quite right. Those were all tooth infections gone big, bad and ugly. I had another almost kill me. The incompetent monopolist MD in Grangeville kept ramping up the dosages of prescription antibiotics without ever diagnosing my sinus pain complaint as a massive tooth infection. In desperation, I […]

flu – rolling with the punches

Saturday night I felt a bit off. Sunday I was definitely not well, but helped Jeff install the new Conner VHF repeater on the knoll above our house anyway. Monday removed all doubt. . I . was . sick. Missy recalls a candid MD telling her she could do nothing and get well in about fourteen days. Or he could prescribe some stuff for her to take and she would recover in about two weeks. I have heard and experienced similar. It’s a virus. They don’t have reputable tools for viruses. I added Lung, Bronchial & Sinus Health and Defense Plus to my supplement diet. They have served me well for a lot of years. I definitely needed all the […]