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high power rifle weekend – August 30/31

offhand shooterThe Nampa Rod And Gun Club is hosting a weekend of competitive rifle shooting at the end of this month. Both matches ask and answer the question:

“Are you a rifleman?”

You most certainly will be in the company of riflemen.

The Idaho State High Power Rifle match is Saturday, August 30th.
Setup begins by 8:00am and we will be shooting by 0900.

Starting in an offhand (standing) position at the 200-yard-line, we will shoot 2 sighters and 20 shots for score, with every shot pulled, marked and revealed to the shooters. That’s 22 shots in 22 minutes.

Still at 200, we then shoot 2 sighters from the sitting position, followed with two strings of 10 shots in 60 seconds with one magazine change in the middle …
this is known as “sitting rapid”.

prone shooterIf we were the first squad to shoot, we then go into the pits to replace the guys who were servicing our targets. They shoot the same course of fire, then we switch over to the 300-yard targets while they move to the 300 yard line.

Now we take turns shooting the “prone rapid”. Two slow-fire sighters followed by two strings of 10 shots in 70 seconds, again with a magazine change in the middle of each.

Our final course of fire is the “prone slow”, shot at 600 yards with the targets pulled and marked after each and every shot… 2 sighters followed by 20 rounds for score. Out here the wind and mirage make a difference – and the fundamentals of marksmanship loom large.

In the end, it is much like other sports where you compete against yourself, challenge yourself to improve your skills against a consistent standard … of course there is the bonus of occasionally finishing well in your group of competitors in the classes Marksman, Sharpshooter, Expert, Master and High Master.
high power target
While there are some match-rifle shooters, most shoot the “service rifle” class which is primarily AR-15s with iron sights poking holes in targets with a black aiming circle that is about as wide as the front sight post. Once in a while someone will show up with an M1A, M1-Garrand or Springfield bolt action… exceptional in more ways than one.

Sunday, August 31st, again setting up by 0800
will be the CMP Excellence In Competition (EIC) “leg match”.

I hope you were taking notes on Saturday, because this is very much the same match, except you get NO SIGHTING SHOTS. If your data “book” is good, you will be on target.

This one goes a bit quicker and there are no separate classes of shooters. The best win leg points based on the total number of shooters. People like me just show up, shoot another practice match and go home knowing how we did. Some win “leg points” towards making national distinguished rifleman. The more of us who shoot for the fun of it, the more leg points there are to be handed out.

I’ll close with a word about the EXCELLENT Nampa Rod And Gun Club High-Power program. From April through September, talented coaches show up every Wednesday evening by 6:00pm to set up a high-power course of fire and help all comers practice shooting it. They even bring loaner match-grade AR-15 rifles, equipment and ammo you can buy at bargain prices.

I would LOVE to see you there.