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12 Months of Prepping

from Backdoor Survival Sometimes we all need to go back to the beginning to regroup, redefine and start over with a new perspective Back in 2011, when I first wrote about 12 Months of Prepping, I was excited and highly motivated to share monthly checklists with the beginning prepper. At the time I was somewhat of a newbie prepper myself, and being studious and industrious by nature, I read a lot, planned a lot and spent a good deal of time stocking my supply pantry with goods and gear. It was right about this time that the term “prepper” started to enter the mainstream. Of course this was pre-2012 and the deadline for the apocalyptic prophecies of 2012 loomed ahead. […]

70 things that go wrong

As recent as four years ago, when someone mentioned disaster preparedness, the nature and scope of the disaster was typically something caused Mother Nature. Sure, some consideration was given to man-made disasters and terrorism, but for the most part, it was a freak of nature that worried us the most. These days, we worry about a whole lot more. EMPs, solar flares, bio-terrorism, pandemics, nuclear war and more dominate the what-if landscape. Add to that the possibility of a global famine or economic collapse and heck, we could spend all day and all night caught up in fear of the unknown. <img style=”background-image: none; float: none; padding-top: 0px; padding-left: 0px; margin: 0px auto; display: block; padding-right: 0px; border: 0px;” title=”70 […]

protecting us from umbrellas and cameramen

A histerical California gun phobe called the police reporting a man with a rifle strolling on the University of San Marcos campus. The trained, enthusiastic, protectors of the peace responded with a SWAT team and campus lockdown. They should have sent A Peace Officer to investigate. You DO remember when we hired peace officers instead of ENFORCERS, don’t you? No reports of shots fired. Only ONE of the thousand cell phones on campus indicated threatening behavior. Just one caller who saw a man carrying what might be a rifle… or a stick … or a broom … or … an umbrella on a day when it just might rain. So one looney can call out an entire swat team with […]

safety in a riot

I posted some great Lessons from Ferguson that Daisy Luther put up at The Organic Prepper. I fully agree that the safest place when angry mobs roam the streets is barricaded in your home … with your well-armed neighbors preventing violence from entering your neighborhood. The problem with that approach is that the safest place for your neighbors is barricaded in their homes as well. Oops, nobody is protecting the neighborhood. One by one your household faces a violent mob. One by one you are taken out, pillaged, burned to the ground and/or whatever else the marauders choose to do. All of you except Rambo have your fates decided by the worst humankind has to offer. I won’t be casting […]

when your town breaks down

Any prepared and informed person knows that the threat isn’t always the event itself, which could be anything from a natural disaster to a rioting spree after a sporting event to an economic collapse. It’s the chaos during the aftermath of the event. If you ever had any doubts about that statement, you need look no further than Ferguson, Missouri. Today, Governor Jay Nixon called in the National Guard. Martial law has officially arrived in Ferguson. Of course, this only makes it official. The past week has shown a militarized police force driving around in tanks, wearing body armor, and brutally responding to citizens. Martial law was already there and the Constitution was already suspended. Nixon just made it […]

California earthquake

Okay, this is a dog-bites-man story, but somehow people in earthquake country are always surprised by an earthquake. Today’s shaker in Napa is no exception. Facebook is all a-twitter with snapshots and news bytes. “The quake struck at 3:20 a.m. PT near American Canyon about 6 miles southwest of Napa, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.” “At least 64,000 people are without power, state emergency officials say.” “Napa Police Capt. Steve Potter said the area’s 911 system was briefly overwhelmed by calls that came in shortly after the quake” “I didn’t know what to do,” said Sunshine Hamilton. Everybody ran outside, so I ran outside, too.” (Buy ’em books, send ’em to school and they use the books for kitty litter. […]

87% disapprove of Congress

A poll conducted by Gallup last week shows that Congress’ approval rating has stayed near historic lows since last November, currently hovering at 13 percent. They have been horrible. Allowing the executive branch on a drunken rampage of constitutional violations, completely undermining the Constitution they swore to uphold and defend, elected by and for big-money interests, accepting bribes hundreds of times larger than their bloated self-granted paychecks, exempting themselves from their own horrible laws, and so much more. Those positions supposedly designed as representatives of the people are completely bought, paid for, and sold out to the elite 0.1%. Please verify that statement by looking at the campaign finance reports. YOU don’t show up. YOU don’t matter. I should be […]

dead, stupid spart-phones

The Government Can Kill Your Smartphone California thinks a “kill switch” on your smartphone will protect you. Here’s why you should be terrified. Most Californians probably think their government was looking out for them when it passed SB962. The legislation requires phone manufacturers to install a “kill switch” in all smartphones sold in the state. The politicians will tell you they’re trying to make stealing phones less attractive, since they can remotely shut down them, making them worthless. At least that’s what they’re saying when the cameras are rolling, and when people aren’t paying attention. There’s a dangerous consequence to installing this supposed safeguard. On the surface, it sounds like a way to deter thieves. But really, it just gives […]