match setup

We are coming up to the Nampa Rod And Gun Club match weekend. A real fun favorite match is their Vance Cusic Vietnam Memorial Match… four-man teams in several 200-yard rapid-fire courses of fire, including some moving silhouettes as well as full-sized and “prone silhouettes”. Rifles must be in looks and function semi-automatic versions of rifles used by some military somewhere in the world during the USofA VS Vietnam conflict… that is to say that AR-15s are the predominant choice. They also are only allowed iron sights with peep rear and post front being the main choice. It isn’t worth loading up the high-end target ammo used on high-power matches, but it has to be good enough to stay in […]

snap decisions

Much like what is going on at a global and national level, this Saint Louis family faced unpleasant, ugly, potentially fatal choices. The criminals wanted protection from those who would defend themselves. A gun to the daughter’s head seemed like it would suffice. The defenders had to guess intentions and probable results on-the-fly, but it was reasonably safe to assume that armed and willing to threaten violence, the results would be violent. Fortunately for ALL, the defenders chose wisely. This story that you never heard of on mainstream media because it came out well and involved individual armed self-defense, is quite similar to those of us who are standing up against the ruling elite’s relentless efforts to disarm all of […]

steps to statism

Saul David Alinsky(January 30, 1909 – June 12, 1972) was an American community organizer and writer. He is generally considered to be the founder of modern community organizing. He is often noted for his book Rules for Radicals. From that book here are Saul’s thoughts on how to create a social state: There are 8 levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a social state. 1) Healthcare – Control healthcare and you control the people 2) Poverty – Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live. 3) Debt – Increase the debt to an […]

we win a round

Gun Owners of America Political Earthquake Shocks Washington Establishment — GOA-backed candidate defeats House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, the Majority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, went down in a stunning defeat to GOA-supported David Brat.Cantor, who represents Virginia’s 7th District, vastly outspent Brat, an economics professor at Virginia’s Randolph-Macon College. On Monday evening, Gun Owners of America blanketed the district with phone calls to registered voters, hitting Cantor for his recent vote to expand gun control and noting that Brat stands 100% for the right to keep and bear arms. On Tuesday morning, political commentators predicted a landslide win for Cantor, but voters rejected his support for bigger government and, in particular, his support of amnesty for […]

the GMO iceberg

The top seven GMO crops you should avoid like the plague Sunday, June 08, 2014 by: S. D. Wells Tags: GMO crops, plague, biotech industry (NaturalNews) Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are plant and meat products that have had their DNA altered and possibly mutated in some laboratory, and it’s all coined as the evolution of science and biotechnology for agriculture in order to fool the masses into believing that it’s for “our own good.” They (biotech giants) even teach it in schools and at Disney World now, and they say it all without ever telling anyone what they’re REALLY doing, and that is inserting the genes from other plants, animals, viruses and bacteria into food — often in the […]

conspiracy theories

Why NOT Believing In Conspiracies Is A Sure Sign Of Mental Retardation Monday, 19 May 2014 06:37 Mike Adams This article was written by Mike Adams and originally published at Natural News The phrase “conspiracy theorist” is a derogatory smear phrase thrown at someone in an attempt to paint them as a lunatic. It’s a tactic frequently used by modern-day thought police in a desperate attempt to demand “Don’t go there!” But let’s step back for a rational moment and ask the commonsense question: Are there really NO conspiracies in our world? The Attorney General of South Carolina would surely disagree with such a blanket statement. After all, he sued five pharmaceutical companies for conducting a price-fixing conspiracy to defraud […]

insight into the ruling elite

Bilderberg plots New World Order agenda   By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor, for Press TV Every year, the world’s most powerful people meet in secret. Their agenda: total world domination. Big media observe a near-total blackout. It sounds like dystopian science fiction, or a conspiracy theorist’s worst nightmare. The strangest part is that it’s true. The 2011 destabilization of Syria, the 9/11/2008 Goldman-Sachs-led controlled demolition of the world economy, and probably even the 9/11 false flag events were all plotted or okayed by the Bilderbergers. Fortunately, the world is fighting back. The rise of the internet-based alternative media has shredded the secrecy surrounding the annual Bilderberg conference, allowing the people a glimpse of what their masters have in store […]

the presumptious Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

“… In interviews, members of his unit portrayed him as a naive, ‘delusional’ person who thought he could help the Afghan people by leaving his army post, the official said …” What an idiot! People with much greater information and wisdom have told us repeatedly that we help them by blowing up their homes, families, wedding parties, water supplies, waste treatment facilities, hospitals, turning their thousand-year-old cities to rubble, population into bloody carcases and installing friendly-to-USofA-government psychopaths in their capitals. So this dang fool wanders off in the middle of the night thinking he is WHAT? Smarter than The President Of The United States Of America???? Don’t, for goodness sakes, imagine what would happen to the Afghan people if all […]

solitaire as directed

In setting up a new-to-her Linux-opsys computer, I installed solitaire games as requested. Function testing with spectators inspired “Move the Queen over to the King” – at which point I shut the game down, having completed the function test. I cannot imagine playing a game of solitaire under direction or close supervision. Which makes me remember the beauty of The H-P Way and Management By Objectives as practiced by the great Hewlett Packard company where I worked in the 1980s. What made it outstanding was the power, inspiration and freedom for the people therein. At every level of the company, bosses defined, described, trained and facilitated their subordinates to complete their assigned tasks. Everybody, at their own level of inspiration […]