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dirty politics in Idaho

WOW – Share this out in ALL OF IDAHO, copy and email it too …. and be on the lookout, they’ll be coming to a District near you soon no doubt! HELP US with a smear campaign (mailers) that started today on two VERY good candidates.

BEWARE! There is a false group calling themselves “Sportsmen for Idaho” that is doing PAC activity, yet has not filed a 7 Day Pre-Primary report; shows (N/A). They likely filed after May 4th.

However they have been filing “48 Hour Independent Expenditure” reports supporting “Stephen Snedden” in District 1 (opposing Heather Scott) and supporting “Merrill Beyeler” in District 8 (opposing Lenore Barrett).

This group is the same people (operated by John T. Reuter) that operates the “Conservation Voters for Idaho Action Fund”, the anti-hunting, anti-farming, anti-ranching, pro-wolf, pro-Agenda 21 environmentalist group.

They started in 2006 and are funded via Chicago Democrats.

In 2010 they blasted mailers out supporting (D) Dan Schmidt against Gresham Bouma under the PAC name “Idahoans for a Strong Economy”.
In 2012 they blasted mailers out supporting (D) Paulette Jordan against Cindy Agidius also under the PAC name “Idahoans for a Strong Economy”.

Now look at the sunshine report at the SOS website for Independent Expenditure Reports….

Now scroll down the the last report filed by “Sportsmen for Idaho” and click on that link… (this report comes up in their real name)

2014 Idaho Campaign Finance Scanned Reports – Independent Expenditures and Electioneering…