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meet my friend

I’ve been publishing on the Internet for over 6 years. Until recently I wrote most of what I published, quoting and linking to information others published. What I find is a great deal of backlog of articles, stories and important news qued up awaiting my assembly into whatever I was going to do with it. The news often gets old or is supplanted with newer stuff without my ever sharing it.

A while ago I came up with a strategy for simply re-publishing verbatum articles I find well-written, informative and important. I think it makes this site more vibrant, and hopefully more useful to you.

I have checked with several others and find that this methodology is the widely-accepted norm. The original authors want attribution retained and otherwise appreciate further rebroadcast of their work. But I didn’t want it to appear that I wrote articles I was simply reposting.

Introducing my publishing partner: Compatriot

I also modified this site’s presentation so you could see who posted the article here. When it says “By Ted” under the headline, I wrote it. When it says “By Compatriot” under the headline, one of my fellow honorable analysts wrote it.