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In withdrawing consent I reproduced an article written by and linking to Downsize DC and The Zero Aggression Project. At their websites you can sign up for e-mail notifications from them. I did – and recommend it. In one of their e-mails they sent some great advice on writing to political officials. The vast majority of letters sent to the politicians BEG for consideration. That shows a grave misunderstanding of who you are dealing with – and what will actually motivate them. Here is what you need to keep in mind if your letters are to have any impact: We write NOT to persuade Congress, but to pressure them. Some say our tone is harsh. We understand this feeling, but […]

withdrawing consent

A message from:, Inc., & The Zero Aggression Project ——- Quotation of the Day: Thou shalt not be a victim. Thou shalt not be a perpetrator. Above all, thou shalt not be a bystander. — the Holocaust Museum, Washington, DC The following message contains 591 words about… What we are NOT saying about Withdrawing Allegiance What we ARE saying about Withdrawing Allegiance The question of timing with regard to other tactics The four steps to take that will cause change Let it be clearly understood… When we advocate withdrawing allegiance from the “federal” government we are NOT saying that you should stop paying your taxes, start violating federal dictates, or resort to any kind of violence. We are NOT, […]

take a breath

I’ve been sitting in calm silence for a few days. Watching, waiting and grateful that the idiots drunkenly waving the nuclear gun around didn’t actually pull the trigger… sadly I have to add “Yet”. They haven’t stopped wanting their unpopular war, they have just been outmaneuvered by chess-playing Russians. Turns out that growing up playing Game Boys and similar electronic distractions popular in the USofA isn’t completely superior to the Russian Chess-playing culture as a tactical development tool. It is not that the Russian leadership is being any more altruistic than the Bilderberg puppets running the USofA Military Subsidiary, but it just so happens that their best interests are currently being served well by the people of the embattled region […]

Why Are Your Children Buying Houses for Ben Bernanke?

Why Are Your Children Buying Houses for Ben Bernanke? FREE MANS PERSPECTIVE Every now and then I like to look at government numbers and see what they really mean. I ran into this batch several months ago but hadn’t had time to play with them till now. What I found shocked me so badly that I ran them three times on a calculator and once using exponents. As you’ll see below, these are “Oh my God” numbers. Here are facts: The average US house sells for about $300,000, and the Federal Reserve is buying $40 Billion dollars’ worth of mortgages per month. (If that sounds like a bunch of numerical gobbledegook to you, please hang on for just a moment.) […]

Invasion of the Blueshirts

Invasion of the Blueshirts Laissez Faire Today Prr Lzkdrqxcwm, The Martian Fort Meade, MD — The United States, the least unfree country on Earth, is fighting a major invasion of the Blueshirts. The most visible Blueshirts constitute a 50,000-plus army that occupies all the airports in America. Recognizable by their blue shirts and their inquisitive eyes and hands, they search and humiliate all Americans trying to leave the country. They regularly peep into the carry-on luggage of their victims, check their prostheses, and grope their bodies. Their official name is the Touch Sex Army (or TSA). They do not violate the constitution’s Fourth Amendment, because nobody is forced to do business with them. For example, one can travel by horse […]

happy anniversary

Here it is twelve years after the event and people across the country and around the world won’t give it up. “Investigate 9/11” T-shirts, bumper stickers, handouts – they are still all over the place. Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth just this month began a major billboard campaign: The government of the USofA is not going to re-open the investigation. The elected officials of both ruling parties and their appointees produced all the report they ever will. Yet many people won’t give up on the topic. In fact, Re-Think 9/11 is the mood of over 40% of the USofA population. Does it really matter any more? What point is there to knowing what happened a dozen years ago today? […]

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Dahlia Wasfi

A friend on dial-up Internet connection pleaded for a transcript of the video I posted under my heading: “incredible video“. For those who glanced at that page already, due to feedback, I updated it to communicate a bit more about the video I was recommended. You may want to revisit that post. I didn’t get very far looking for the transcript because I ran across Dahlia’s website first. It probably has the transcript and a whole lot more. I recommend he and ye go there to learn more as your pace and interests guide. I’ll post the first page below, but these two links will get you to pages of links at her site: Liberate This (videos) Liberate This (posts […]

Bamma’s no-brainer

Since this chart was created, the UK and France have both pulled out of their support for the Bamma Bombing, making the purple piece proportionately punier. For more news from a whole-world perspective: G20 Syria divide

incredible video

This is only 4 minutes long. It says so much. It is so powerful. It is so grand. The minutes are huge. Click on Dahlia Wasfi’s picture to be transported… transported into a world destroyed transported into a country bombed into the dark ages transported into life as collateral damage transported into a country under brutal occupation and a people who know who did it, does it and why. Your tax dollars at work. Your politicians making money the old fashioned way – WAR.

war crescendo

1,429 Syrians have been killed by chemical weapons in the civil war 110,000 Syrians have been killed by conventional weapons 1,000 Egyptians killed in military coup (ongoing, hugely under-reported) 3,886,026 – Vietnam War 1,000,000 – Iran–Iraq War/First Persian Gulf War (1980–1988) 1,000,000 – Rwandan Civil War (1990–1993) 329,745 – War on Terror (2001-present) 189,736 – Iraq War/Third Persian Gulf War (2003–2011) 106,800+ – Mexican Drug War (2006-present Only the one at the top of the list is worth nuclear world war. It’s real important how they died. (and most sources, including the rebels say that the rebels did it – not the Syrian government that is in Obama’s cross-hairs). The numbers of immediate dead and long-term dead these guys are […]

drone hunting licenses

The town council of Deer Trail, Colorado had on their agenda consideration of creating and selling a drone hunting license. That act, the mere proposal of a license, triggered a flood of applications from all over the USA. They don’t even have it approved, let alone a structure or process for them, but have 936 applications and checks for a total of $19,006… and rising. STOP – the poor clerk had a full time job without this. Now she’s even given up even returning the checks. The pile is just growing. The town council is not going to pass the ordinance – 38 people signed a petition asking them not to. It appears, however, that the people of the town […]