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the Internet is bugged

Eric Snowden brought into widespread public knowledge what was available and well understood by many of us long before. Big Brother IS watching – the Internet, e-mail, phone calls, from the sky, traffic cameras and on and on. This is and is not news. But it certainly is more openly discussed and widely understood now. It makes many intelligent people retreat. But you don’t win with retreat. The Internet is the main source of honest news. If they scare us away, they have a virtual monopoly – their misinformation becomes society’s exclusive input. Many, perhaps most people even slightly aware of the threats that exist to life, liberty and property retreat. That’s smart – kind of. However, if everyone closes […]

where ya headed, mister?

Mainstream media, politicians and our government schools have inculcated the label “Leader” to officials elected and unelected in the nations of the world as well as nearly all smaller organizations therein. Leader implies followers and that is US – at least that is the presumption that we lazily, thoughtlessly carry in our heads. Let’s think about it for a minute or two. As the bus pulls in to the bus stop, emblazoned in the display above its windshield is an indication of where it is going. Prospective passengers hoping for a ride to their destination have some assurance that this bus will meet their need before hopping aboard. Before I start following any leader, I want to know where he […]

dead presidents

Fiction outweighs fact a thousandfold when it comes to the history of USofA presidents. I only know little bits of the truth, but OH.MY.GOSH is there a lot of mythology firmly held. So much even flies in the face of well-published history, that you often hear hear opposing views come out of the same mouth. Thomas Woods really shakes up the Abe Lincoln mythology with The Real Lincoln and Lincoln Unmasked, but he doesn’t even touch on Lincoln’s war with the Bilderbergs, which is one of history’s greatest stories – one that puts Linoln back on The Good Guys’ side, at least in that realm. You can see surprising little snippets of counter-presidential-mythology in my historical outline Banking History, a […]

first responders

I was making good time as was my wont on windy roads, perhaps making up for a late start too. I am a very focused driver regularly and at full-chat even more so, but as I braked for the sharp turn something off to the left through the bushes and trees didn’t look right. Powering out of the turn, I knew what it was, turned off and slid to a stop in the wide gravel driveway. I jumped out of The Speedster, bounded through the gate and up to the tinderbox porch attached to the old mobile home. Mom and 3 or 4 little kids were huddled, staring at the approaching grass fire like deer in the headlights. I got […]

silver tongued devil

I can hardly believe what I’m seeing. Physical silver has been almost as available as primers, powder and ammunition – that is to say having a high content of “Unobtanium”. Today I received an e-mail containing a link to an offer I never expected to see again. Silver Eagles that have been far more rare than regular wait-12-weeks for delivery non-Eagle 1-ounce silver rounds for $26.24. The most startling part were the words underneath: Ships within 2 – 4 business days have a 20 ounce minimum order much like my old friends at Northwest Territorial Mint with their 60 ounce minimum. Buying in quantity definitely provides great value. The real exciting part that has me drooling all over my […]

climate change change-up

The USofA federal government, the United Nations and all other subordinate agencies of The Bilderberg Group have been pushing the pseudo-science of man-made global warming as a Trojan-horse for their agenda. Actual scientific-method science, with real scientists working in the fields of their expertise, find massive evidence of normal earth weather patterns. Apparently I’m not alone in my disgust for the tale, those marketing it, and the massive following of that mythology. The Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP), Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change, and The Heartland Institute combined resources to impanel legitimate climate scientist to study the evidence without political pressure and deliver analysis devoid of population control, power consolidating agendas. Their full publication […]

enemies list

I was asked to un-click a couple of facebook boxes in my link to a friend. I honored that request, but sent him much of the following via private message. I unchecked as you requested in fb, but didn’t post the note on my wall. I have felt for years that nothing online is private. You probably know from my blogging that I have long assumed the NSA has been collecting my data. Intelligent people learn this and shut down – move to low profile. A small handful mount the rooftops to incessantly yell warnings at the top of their lungs… well aware of the exposure and risk. We certainly need both kinds. Without honest reporters, THEY win. Without unexposed […]

smelling bad stuff – again

The early reports of the Aurora Theater Shootings had live feeds of eyewitnesses who saw an additional shooter, some who saw a third, additional gas mask, blood trail leading away that was not officially followed, getaway car on video and much more evidence of multiple shooters. Later, official spokespeople and official investigators made the official story one of a lone shooter. The others got clean away and mainstream media toed that line. Early reports on Sandy Hook had two live shooters captured. One in the parking lot and the other after a chase we all got to watch with half a dozen or more cops running down, tackling and cuffing the guy in the nearby woods. The other shooters disappeared […]