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You don’t understand modern writing.
He used far too many words.
Nowadays we get straight to the point.

Thus wrote my daughter as a review of an essay I forwarded to her.

Her world is one of blazing thumbs, words without vowels, two-word sentences and paragraphs without punctuation. “thx” now occupies the place where “thank you” used to be, “pls” where please used to be and “ppl” has supplanted individuals, friends, family and community.

These modern sophisticates have so perverted the word “friends” that they have thousands of imaginary friends on facebook and walk down the street beside strangers stroking their smart phones. In times of need a thousand friends send their prayers and good wishes while none of them share a bowl of soup.

Words are shallow. Writing is shallow. Friendships are shallow. Community is shallow.

The worst part of shallow is that in times of change, shallow can dry up in a blink…

and the one thing they have reliably been promised is CHANGE.

You guys enjoy your wading pools. I’ll savor my life next to the Bitterroot River.