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silver window closes

Meaningless to most people and confusing to the majority who are using gold and/or silver as a store of value safe from destruction by central banksters, the manipulation of the precious metals markets is at plague level today. Here I present an overview of cause and effect. There is a great audio conversation at the SGT Report of two serious metal market analysts. I’ll cover some bits here, but strongly encourage you to give their broadcast a listen (get past their weather report to the real meat). A handful of people control the central banks and the paper markets for gold and silver. The prices are determined by the paper trades, that is promises of the actual metal. They don’t […]

big pharma’s new enemy: apples

I probably don’t have to remind anyone here that one of the two main reasons for the USA government war on drugs is to prevent inexpensive and easily produced cures or preventions from screwing up big pharma’s lucrative business. I recently saw a video demonstrating the process for refining marajuana oil and its successful topical use to shrink and totally eliminate basil-cell skin cancers. Ya’ll probably know of many more examples. The newest one I just found involves refined apple waste as a successful drug for killing colon cancer. Uh oh. Look out apple lovers. As treated by modern USA medicine, cancer is a seriously huge money machine. They don’t take threats to this program lightly. If they can’t kill […]

not one angry person in Boston

I’m in the middle of a move – home, household, woodshop, studio, metal shop and much more. It is busy and exhausting to say the least. My web reading and posting are certainly not my highest priorities. But I do pick up on the news still and churn with the garbage that is foisted on a trusting public. I just read a great essay posted on Info and want to share it with you here. It hits on one of several big things that jump out at me from the recent Boston Massacre. Not one angry person in Boston Go to the link above with links to videos and more – or read it below. Also, read more about […]

stark contrast in medical care models

A new study by the Journal of the AMA finds the profit motive encourages medical mishaps in surgery. Meanwhile, since 1998 The Surgery Center of Oklahoma has operated on a different, opposing model with fixed pricing and the incentives to do high-quality work at affordable prices. Look at the contrast and consider which you prefer. The Oklahoma center has been an enemy of major medical since it began to succeed. It has survived harsh scrutiny and is thriving because it is the right approach. Here is a bit from their website: It is no secret to anyone that the pricing of surgical services is at the top of the list of problems in our dysfunctional healthcare system. Bureaucracy at the […]

motives exposed

Last night I couldn’t let lie the obvious coincidence of official training sessions simultaneous to a major false flag event. I don’t consider afternoon/evening my creative writing time, but couldn’t rest without getting it out of my head and onto my website. In Who Are The Bombers, I said they will expose themselves shortly as they attempt to capitalize on their event. Already the motive for the Boston Marathon bombings is apparent. Resistance had been growing to the USA police surveilance state. More people are vocally complaining and working against domestic drones, cameras, police dogs and random checkpoints with the old Nazi/Stasi demands “Your Papers Please”. The Police Surveilance State just got a major boost. The response from the ruling […]

who are the bombers?

As I suspected the minute I first heard of the Boston Marathon bombings, we will soon know the motives of those who planned them. First, though, I’ll spell out the pattern. The London Subway bombings took place the same day and time as an official exercise in London for federal and local emergency personnel to simulate a bombing on mass transit subway and busses. The Sandy Hook school shootings took place the same day and time as an official exercise 14 miles away for federal and local emergency personnel to simulate an attack on a large number of school children. The September 11th World Trade Center/Pentagon attacks coincided in date and time with a full scale NORAD simulation of multiple […]

tax day quotes

“Taxation is theft, purely and simply.” Murray N. Rothbard – The Ethics of Liberty “Some experts have declared that it is necessary to tax the people until it hurts. I disagree with these sadists.” Ludwig von Mises – Defense, Controls, and Inflation “One thing is clear: The Founding Fathers never intended a nation where citizens would pay nearly half of everything they earn to the government.” Ron Paul

scary man with lots of guns

The Tale of Tara and the wicked witch of the north continues… If you have not yet read my post of April 7th, you should read it first. I won’t repeat it here. The Courage to Stand Up. This kind, generous, peaceful, loving mother and grandmother is also strong in the way you wish for in your friends if your life, liberty and property is ever threatened. That apparently scares the beejeezus out of the current occupant of the Ada County Sheriff’s Office top job. While he is busy violating the laws of the land and ordering his henchmen to do so en-masse, he dramatically over-reacts on top of it all. You’d think he was taking down an organized crime […]

the peace president’s graveyard

Investigative reports and on-the-ground testimonies have made it public knowledge that far more people than al-Qaida leaders are killed by drone strikes. The U.K.’s Bureau of Investigative Journalism (BIJ) estimates that in Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia over 1,o00 civilians may have been killed by U.S. drone strikes. The Obama administration has long maintained, however, that strikes are only ever authorized to target “specific senior operational leaders of al-Qaida and associated forces.” Documents obtained by McClatchy newspapers suggest that these claims are false. The top-secret intelligence reports reveal, as one expert with the Council on Foreign Relations told McClatchy, that the administration is “misleading the public about the scope of who can legitimately be targeted.” It is not clear who leaked […]

courage to stand up

It is sad what kind of people are held up as heroes and marketed as role models nowadays. People who get paid to play games, those who role-play in front of movie cameras, race car drivers who go in circles only turning left, professional liars who get elected, banksters whose frauds exceed the imagination and so many more unrespectable people. In Ada County, Idaho one woman decided to stand against the mightiest of the big-time fraudsters. So far they are ahead on the scoreboard, but the game isn’t over yet. Her team could use a few more players and a lot more fans, which is part of why I’m writing about it. First, the opponents: The Banksters. I’ve written on […]

Idaho Territory

I have been publishing under this banner for six years. I have hundreds of posts, pages and pictures representing I dare not think of how many hours of thought, research and expression. Walking away from this just because I am moving across some political border doesn’t set well with me. So I’m moving the border. My moving the border isn’t quite as whimsical as you might think. I’m not saying it isn’t whimsical, just not totally arbitrary. 1. The politics and corruption surrounding whatever the USofA’s internal war of 1861 – 1865 should be called, bring everything the official rulers did around that period into question. Among their questionable actions, they turned the Idaho and Dakota Territories into several states […]