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another war begins

currency-war_0The ‘Currency War’

is in full swing

by Max Keiser

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Cypriots are having their wealth confiscated to feed the debt monster of Lloyds, RBS, the ECB, IMF, Barclays, JP Morgan, Goldman and the rest of the axis of banksters terrorizing our bank accounts and economies.

Eric Holder, America’s supine Attorney General says he’s scared to death to prosecute bank crime. Hank Paulson got away with stealing $750bn. during the TARP charade. Moral Hazard has become the new normal. Stealing is the biggest business in the world right now.

Amazingly, I get tweets and emails every day from people saying my metaphors are too strong; too violent. These people have battered wife syndrome. No matter how badly the banks beat you, you come back for more. No matter how violently the banks finanically rape you, you still think they love you and will come around some day. So you return to get beaten again and again. I find it quite pathetic and I think that the possibility of the economy growing at a sufficient rate to generate enough taxable income to pay off their debts is zero. If the vast majority of the public, (and America’s Attorney General) won’t defend themselves against financial rape and beatings why should we have any expectations that honest entrepreneurs with businesses to start and people to hire will find it within themselves to bother. Why support this system by actively taking part in it? I don’t give money to the ku klux klan so why would I want to create a business and jobs for a banking system that supports financial beatings and murder?

I think the bigger question is; will the confiscation of money by the IMF and Germany from depositors in Cyprus end up being the trigger for military conflict? We’ve seen coups and revolutions started for less, not to mention WWI.

If a ground war does start – and replaces the ‘Currency War’ – then I think we can safely say the first shot fired was the robbery of bank deposits in Cyprus. As always, I recommend Gold, Silver and Bitcoin as a safe haven during this turbulent time.

by Max Keiser, the host of RT’s ‘Keiser Report,’ is a former stockbroker, the inventor of virtual specialist technology and co-founder of the Hollywood Stock Exchange.

As you readers of Idaho Liberty .com well know, I almost never simply paste someone else’s writings here. This one is exactly as I would like to have said it. I could think of nothing to add or subtract.