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letter to the senators

I could not put it more clearly and succinctly… heck, I probably couldn’t come close. This letter to the Idaho state senators is a great model. Let them know they are being watched.

I’d probably add stuff about knowing what they look like and where they live – and if they participate in creating a shooting war against ME, that I will remember their part in declaring and abetting that war. This attempt in Washington and New York to disarm and subjugate the USA populace is clear in its intent and effect. All will participate in one side or the other.

I know my place – whether I want it or not. Today they get to choose theirs. I think it is time that they consider the full ramifications of those choices. But Lynn’s letter is probably more persuasive than mine would be:

Subject: move on HB219


The tyranny against the 2nd Amendment and American citizens

is far from over. It is time to exercise the 10th Amendment

as it was intended.

β€œThe powers not delegated to the United States by the

Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States,

are reserved to the States, respectively, or to the people.”

HB219 did a great service in speaking for Idahoans on this

intense issue. Complete their work by putting this before

the full Senate for debate.

I will be watching for this result.

Lynn House