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sequester theater

This You-Tube video, in under 3 minutes explains the show called “sequester” is simple, straightforward terms.

Sequester VS economic collapse

Laissez Faire Today published a great article on the same subject. I will not repeat it here, but it features this wonderful visual image of what we (they) are talking about.


The article is here: The Sequestration Boondoggle

And a little teaser out of its heart is:

When a private business needs to cut expenses, managers try to make sure that the customer feels it as little as possible. Government does the opposite. It uses the occasion to make you and me as miserable as possible.

Within the Beltway, this is known as the Washington Monument Ploy. It’s the most popular attraction in the nation’s capital. The White House loves to close it up at the smallest excuse, leaving people who have traveled for days stuck in long lines.

The goal is to impart this lesson: Pay your taxes and shut up, else we will take from you lots of things you love.

They, of course, have numerous secondary goals. They are working to equalize the forces that will be fighting against each other when they trigger the next revolution. They know full well they will lose if the people are united against the ruling class. It is all part of a nifty package, but I have hope they calculate us to be much stupider than we turn out to be.