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House Bill 219

Peaceful resolution is possible.

Representative Mark Patterson has introduced House Bill 219, which includes the following text:

No federal order, law, rule or regulation issued, enacted or promulgated on or after January 1, 2013, shall be knowingly or willfully enforced by any agent of the state or a political subdivision of the state if, contrary to the provisions of section 11, article I, of the constitution of the state of Idaho, such order, law, rule or regulation:
(a) Bans or restricts ownership of a semiautomatic firearm or any magazine of a firearm; or
(b) Requires any firearm, magazine or other firearm accessory to be registered in any manner.

The Statement Of Purpose which serves as a cover sheet in the Idaho state house makes it clear that this will reduce potential conflict as the DC madness threatens to pit those who would resist fascist takeover of our free country against those who would assist in the process.

This bill will be discussed in the House State Affairs
committee hearing room at 9:00am
this Friday morning, March 1st.

(It is on the Garden level in the Capitol.)

If you can, it would be good to go encourage them.
Sign up at the entrance as IN FAVOR of the bill.

Idaho has joined 26 states whose legislators are considering this potential to peacefully avoid the bloody armed conflict the king’s men seem hell-bent on initiating.