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the force is not with them

I am an expert on bullies. My dad was a bully. My brother, 3 years my senior, was and is a bully. I grew up small and became expert at living with and dealing with bullies. They understand force. They don’t understand much else.

In their hands, it gives them pleasure. A shallow pleasure, for sure, but they use superior force whenever it falls into their hands. It is who they are. It is what they do… just like chickens lay eggs, writers write, runners run and fighters fight.

When the force is not with them, they do not use force.

So simple.

When there is an immediate and readily apparent superior force clearly prepared to punish their use of force, the bullies do not use force. Force is not their friend at that moment.

By the same token, if they do not see the superior, punishing force; if they do not anticipate negative consequences for their negative behavior, they will use their force because they assume it to be superior.

A bully gets past your defenses hiding a war club behind his back saying, “I come in peace”. Noticing two dozen archers surrounding him with arrows nocked and pointed at his chest will make him a man of his word.

We are in that situation today. The ruling cabal in and behind Washington DC feels confident of their superior force. They are frantically trying to reduce the small arms population and electronic communication capacity of their intended victims, but are acting very much like a bully who is confident of winning the altercation they have planned.

I share their view of their immediate surroundings. I do not think anything I’ve seen on the horizon or in the ether can threaten the ruling elite in their sin city.

But that’s not where the force is. It is in the states. It is in the counties. It is in the people.

Well, some of the people and some of the states, that is. You may have seen the statistic that the licensed hunters in Wisconsin, taken as an armed force constitute the 7th largest army in the world.

red-statesThey are in very good company.

I would venture to guess that the licensed hunters in the red states, taken as an armed force, constitute the largest army in the world.

It is reasonable to discount some who would give up their means to self-defense when ordered to. But it is equally resonable to recognize that many non-hunters are armed for self-defense and a great many of them know exactly by whom and how their lives, liberty and property are threatened.

I don’t think your run-of-the-mill bully is that sharp. I suspect many of them don’t see the superior force quite yet. If we have any chance at all of avoiding violent conflict, it is in making The Force visible to the brutes.

We need to publish the names and addresses of those who are working for the enemy.

They need to take a fresh look at their neighborhoods.

They need to see exactly what it will look like when THEY conspire to disarm the defenders.

With their house Google-mapped in the middle of a 100 houses how eager are they going to be to say, “I vote we disarm all those people. I motion-second-aye that we make them defenseless and take all their money. I motion we give all money and power to ME.”

The Idaho governor, a number of sheriffs, a stack of legislators are all, feigning ignorance or not, they are all voting to enslave us… hundreds of thousands of us… (VS a couple hundred of them).

They are voting to turn our personal information over to that giant federal database.

They are taking your medical care out of the free market and converting it into a tool of oppression and control.

They are taking 20% out of your paycheck with one hand while they debase the dollar at twice that rate with the other.

They are voting to allow gun registration, confiscation, limitation and restriction on YOU and ME. They are demonizing your semi-automatic AR-15 as an “assault weapon” while they gear up their gestapo with the same dang design in a full-auto model and call them “personal defense weapons”. George Orwell’s Newspeak at its finest.

We know their names. We know where they live. They are our neighbors. But they are the worst of the worst. They are at their rotten cores, bullies. Bullies in fancy clothes.. bullies using drones and trolls as their proxy weapons, but make no mistake, they are bullies.

They understand one thing and one thing only: FORCE.

You are the force. No. Not sitting on your couch, but you sure as heck could be if you got up.

We have had some greate meetings and powerful gatherings in the last two months. That’s a start. A strong start, to be sure. Undoubtedly they noticed. But unless they were WITH us, they didn’t FEEL the force.

Publish their names and locations.

Join us in the real world. Let them see that the hills are lined with those who will fight for life, liberty, property and posterity.

It is our only hope for avoiding violence.