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Boise 223 Day rally

Those who share concerns about the bum’s rush out of DC to confiscate self-defense came together at the Boise capital rotunda yesterday. There were probably close to 1,000 filling the three floors and spilling out the front door.

223-day One of the sponsors is a group that is new to me “Armed Women Are Safer”. Needless to say, I saw A LOT of armed women – and I confess, they looked safe to me.

The local Oath Keepers and Neighborhood Posse members were there with me handing out business cards with our meeting times and dates on them as well as links to the websites for more information.

I talked with a bunch of people and saw many familiar faces from my perch at the front door. All in all, it was a healthy sign of people waking up.

There is a good collection of photos over at the Idaho Statesman.

In beautiful symmetry, the Saturday rally was planned for 2/23 which coincides with the designation of probably the most important calibers of guns and ammo for defense against tyranny in the U.S.of A. today: the .223. More on that here: 223 Day