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casting aside

stone-wall-smallAmong my frustrations, exclusionary behavior among the activists ranks high. There are far too few of us on this side of the ramparts and our defenses are of too questionable adequacy for us to be casting aside potential confederates. In my post a week ago, angels dancing, I described the “sheriff purity test” that some failed to pass, therefore were unwelcome on our side by our compatriots.

Some Oath Keepers are not satisfied with the commitment that organization has been and continues to be built on: Ten Orders We Will Not Obey. For them, standing FOR the Constitution means you MUST BE a militia, therefore armed, organized, actively training and ready to shoot violators of our Constitution. If you aren’t that, then you aren’t welcome on our side of the wall.

Casting them to the other side of the ramparts not only weakens our side by that amount, it strengthens the other side … and that is . just . plain . stupid !!!

Even I went and did it the other day by choosing a gay pride photo to illustrate the moral degenerates killing men, women and children with their video-game drone strikes (I since changed the illustration). That did not reflect my willingness to accept anyone on my team who is honestly and honorably willing, even eager to fight the great tyranny threatening to take over the world. To them I apologize. I am in no position to judge.

We have no way of knowing what is in a man’s heart. I have yet to hear of a test other than combat of what a man will do in combat. I, by the way, use the word “man” here in the traditional literary sense that it held in my formative years, to include male and female humans who have attained moral maturity. In other words, neither gender nor age are major deciding factors, but their spirit IS.

So whether they go to this church or that, understand The Great Spirit my way another way or no way, dress funny or exactly like me 😉 , prefer one brand car/gun/trombone over another, all of it, none of it, matters when the bullets begin to fly.

Are you with-us, against-us or use-luss?

Anyone who has another criteria should curb it until after their first firefight. Then, and only then will you have a real appreciation for what is important in a team-mate.

… And furthermore, with us includes loaders, packers, cooks, bottle-washers, medics, seamstresses, inn-keepers, writers, geeks, everybody and everything that can be thrown against tyranny and the pointy-things they throw at us.