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USA Drone Corps

Real soldiers fighting real enemies with deadly force-on-force confrontations being a real part of their lives are disgusted with the obamanation of the new distinguished service ribbon for the heroes of the game consoles.

The Pentagon announced a medal for drone pilots of unmanned aircraft. The Distinguished Warfare Medal will be given to pilots of unmanned aircraft, offensive [cyberwar] experts or others directly involved in combat operations but who are not physically in theater.

As if it could get any worse, medals for these stateside computer console jockeys will outrank the Bronze Star with Valor device.

It is one thing to give them a little printed certificate for the wall of their office in Nevada, but to wear any kind of emblem on your uniform that marks you as a stateside computer jockey would serve as an embarrassment to them when in the company of fighting men who faced real enemies with real bullets.

Now the corrupt military top management demonstrates they are also incompetent. They pile insult on top of injury.

These professional video gamers and computer hacks are being paraded in front of real fighters as heroes. They are being honored and feted in the face of manly-men and courageous fighting women. The game boys further degrade those whose uniforms they share by notoriously blowing up women, children, non-combatants, weddings and funerals.

These perverts, with what they “cleverly” call “the double-tap”, wait for rescue workers to arrive at the scene of their latest drone missile attack to attempt to save lives, then this gang of social misfits send a second missile in to kill the rescue workers… and probably high-five themselves as being clever… maybe they even get a medal for it.

Back in the 1950s, the US Army Air Corps became the US Air Force as a separate organization. The mission and personnel requirements were too different to remain under one roof.

It is time for the Cyber Corp to do the same. I even found a good idea for their new uniforms.


New USA Cyber Corps uniforms