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guilty if they say so

I cannot write it any better than these guys say it. Here is a man of the highest credentials being interviewed in regards to the “drone policy”. He starts off with the blunt statement,

“They have overthrown the principle that you are innocent until you are proven guilty.”

If this isn’t a wake-up call, I don’t know what will be. Do we have to see our neighbors drug out of their houses by storm-troopers and bludgeoned to death on the sidewalk? What does it take to realize we are THERE? The fascists have taken over our federal government.

Let’s remember John Wayne’s words in Chisum, “…round up everybody that can ride a horse or pull a trigger. Let’s break out some Winchesters!”. It isn’t time yet, but if you can’t see it right smack-dab in front of you, work on your vision. Assuming your vision is functioning, make sure your Winchester is operational.

Okay, the video: Murder is illegal by Paul Craig Roberts