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I’m sure you know much of the Los Angeles manhunt for an ex-cop the LAPD says is shooting their cops. According to news reports, he claims they have gone rogue while they claim he has gone rogue. I’m not going there with this post.

What jumped out at me this morning is this perfect example of what POLICE forces do when they feel threatened.

In Los Angeles, there is about one murder every day of the year. There are around 1,000 assaults every month. In one week, they suspect he has killed three and wounded one of their own boys in blue. Holey crap Mabel, hold the phone, we got work to do!

Sixty cops are assigned to investigating and tracking him down aided by a helicopter equipped with body-heat sensors and other specialized equipment. Fifty Enforcer families are getting 24-7 police protection. Two vehicles of different make, model, year and color than that of the suspect and three people none of whom were either big or black, were run off the road and RIDDLED with bullets by the terrified LAPD. The city of Los Angeles put up $1 million in reward money.

I don’t think I need to belabor the point. NONE of this happens if you or any group you are a part of is the target.

Who are you going to count on if your family and neighborhood are threatened?

Run every major disaster in recent memory through your mind. Once they and their families are secure, they are happy coming back to work. Hey, it’s rather obvious human nature. Most of the time, like nearly everyone else, “Jus doin’ my job.” Once in a while you’ll get that rare bird who is actually dedicated, but that is NOT the norm.

Back to the question,

Who you gunna call?

At this point I want to introduce you to your mirror and the neighborhood posse.