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hologramA regular source of frustration for me is the failure of most who recognize the evil emanating from Washington DC to attribute the correct source. If you are blaming the holographic image for shooting at you, any return fire will miss your enemy.

Here is one from this morning: Dubya/Obama supporters rejoice! ‘Most people don’t realize this but President Obama has surrounded himself with the same Intelligence advisors who advised President Bush.’ ‘We find ourselves murdering people and in many cases children with no evidence whatsoever that they are involved in any criminal or terrorist activity.’

Unfortunately, this view credits the steering wheel for the placement of the car.

Here is the article and video interview about the evil they do and the absence of change accompanying any so-called new administration… “he surrounded himself with the same advisors and administrators that directed the Bush administration.”

NO! The people who selected and placed the advisors also selected and placed the puppet. They agreed on who the CEOs of the six media giants would be, who the heads of The Fed would be, who would pretend to lead each and every country, who would represent them at the UN… all of this is done well away from public view.

I’m sorry to be so persnickety on this point, but sloppy conversation encourages the dream that the cure is one election away. THAT has not cured anything nor changed the trajectory in over 100 years. THEY have done nothing but consolidated their position, locked-in their grip since then.

Living in that dream world means people will be asleep when the physical assault begins and those who are returning fire will be aiming at shadows instead of culprits.

There are real good, solid reasons I don’t spend my time hoping to change minds or personnel in DC. Those folks, like bullies everywhere, understand only force. They apply it whenever they can and they fear it whenever it appears against them. Nothing else counts. Their sadistic sides even enjoy the pleading and bleating of their victims.

I won’t give them that pleasure. I will work as long as I am able to educate and marshal the forces necessary to overcome evil. I’m hoping you are with us.