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EPA’s gasoline spill

Dang EPA spilled half a gallon of gasoline in my driveway, on my boots, on the side of the pickup and on my hands. I would sick OSHA on them, but I wasn’t working for some deep-pocket employer while pouring the gasoline, so I suppose that won’t work.

I KNOW the fancy spout on my new Chinese Wal*Mart plastic 5-gallon “can” wasn’t designed by an engineer… and particularly not by someone with the end user in mind. If it had been, it wouldn’t have been nearly impossible to figure out its operation in the marginal illumination of the street light that runs all night long, every night of the year at the end of my driveway… oh, but don’t get me started on that.

No, if someone with the actual function of this container designed it, you could mount the spout, open the cap and pour it into your filler neck with no drama whatsoever. Someone with the end-user in mind would have facilitated pouring all five gallons INTO the vehicle, rather than anointing everything in the vicinity with refined petrochemicals… known by the state of California to cause cancer in a genetically engineered breed of laboratory rats.

I can overcome. Tomorrow I’ll take a good look at the EPA-designed filler. I know I have the tools and engineering competence to turn it into a non-spill device. Too bad the EPA has no incentive to do the same.