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courage to be a messenger

I found myself in the unfortunate position of having to screw up my courage just to be a messenger. Some of you look at my web-posting history and think I passed that threshold years ago. Yeah, probably. But this morning it seemed I crossed another. I sent e-mails one at a time to each of the committee members and to “my representatives” even though it is against my morals to beg politicians to do the right thing. I guess I found the middle ground with the messages I sent to members of the committee considering the current abomination. To the PRO- Health Care Exchange: You are at one of those rare pivotal moments in history. Hundreds of your neighbors will […]

House Bill 219

Peaceful resolution is possible. Representative Mark Patterson has introduced House Bill 219, which includes the following text: No federal order, law, rule or regulation issued, enacted or promulgated on or after January 1, 2013, shall be knowingly or willfully enforced by any agent of the state or a political subdivision of the state if, contrary to the provisions of section 11, article I, of the constitution of the state of Idaho, such order, law, rule or regulation: (a) Bans or restricts ownership of a semiautomatic firearm or any magazine of a firearm; or (b) Requires any firearm, magazine or other firearm accessory to be registered in any manner. The Statement Of Purpose which serves as a cover sheet in the […]

the force is not with them

I am an expert on bullies. My dad was a bully. My brother, 3 years my senior, was and is a bully. I grew up small and became expert at living with and dealing with bullies. They understand force. They don’t understand much else. In their hands, it gives them pleasure. A shallow pleasure, for sure, but they use superior force whenever it falls into their hands. It is who they are. It is what they do… just like chickens lay eggs, writers write, runners run and fighters fight. When the force is not with them, they do not use force. So simple. […]

goodbye 6

The project I’m working on today inspires me to fill in my Constitution and Bill of Rights set over at Ada Liberty .com. The left column there has separate pages for the Constitution and a page each for the 1st 10 Amendments. Under each is a page or two describing their loss/destruction. There were a few holes that I’m filling in as background for another writing project. The first fresh addition is on the 6th Amendment. […]

Boise 223 Day rally

Those who share concerns about the bum’s rush out of DC to confiscate self-defense came together at the Boise capital rotunda yesterday. There were probably close to 1,000 filling the three floors and spilling out the front door. One of the sponsors is a group that is new to me “Armed Women Are Safer”. Needless to say, I saw A LOT of armed women – and I confess, they looked safe to me. The local Oath Keepers and Neighborhood Posse members were there with me handing out business cards with our meeting times and dates on them as well as links to the websites for more information. I talked with a bunch of people and saw many familiar faces from […]

don’t worry, be happy

You guys worry too much. Nothing like that can happen here. The author of the Enemies Foreign and Domestic trilogy, the third book of which is Foreign Enemies and Traitors, which describes what we are heading into almost perfectly. You Kindle readers can get the whole trilogy for 99 cents with the link below right. The rest of us get real books one at a time. The 5-minute video linked below is startling, to put it mildly. It is also very important to remind us of where we are. This is not a theoretical time and place we occupy. It is deadly serious. For people like me, the future is short and brutal one way, harsh and unknown the other. […]

police state poster

If your Internet circles overlap mine, you may have already seen this bit of bad news. While no evidence has surfaced to prove Homeland Security bought these things, their target supplier has produced them. Using them for target practice is perfectly consistent with the rest of their police state activities. You grew up with these guys. They were the ones torturing small animals to death, beating up smaller kids, testing the limits of meanness that could be called “it was just a joke” and kicking the dog when nobody was watching. Now their bosses empower and enable their antisocial behaviors on a scale nobody else imagined possible. Are you going to take the threat seriously now? […]

Stewart Rhodes speech

Stewart’s most recent speeches in front of major audiences have been quite firm, stirring and extremely well-received. He and I are very much agreed that there is not time to lollygag, nor do we have the luxury of working towards a political solution. The activities of those who would rule without limits are clear. The necessary response is equally clear. Stewart Rhodes in Albany, New York .

casting aside

Among my frustrations, exclusionary behavior among the activists ranks high. There are far too few of us on this side of the ramparts and our defenses are of too questionable adequacy for us to be casting aside potential confederates. In my post a week ago, angels dancing, I described the “sheriff purity test” that some failed to pass, therefore were unwelcome on our side by our compatriots. Some Oath Keepers are not satisfied with the commitment that organization has been and continues to be built on: Ten Orders We Will Not Obey. For them, standing FOR the Constitution means you MUST BE a militia, therefore armed, organized, actively training and ready to shoot violators of our Constitution. If you aren’t […]

the making of riflemen

In the ‘civil war‘, the southern riflemen outshot the northerners 8 to 1. That so startled the military establishment that they did two significant things in attempting to improve the situation. One was to create a national rifle club we now know as the NRA. The other was creation of a national rifle training and competition organization they assigned to the US Army as “The Director of Civilian Marksmanship” (DCM). While they didn’t imagine the DCM would inspire every man to be a trained, experienced rifleman, they did figure that there would be enough of them so inspired that any need to gear up the militia for national defense would find PLENTY of skilled, experienced shooters who could quickly teach […]

The First Civil War

History can be described as two basic versions of the same story. Famously, the best documented one is “written by the victors”. But serious students seek out other documents, taking the measure of both sides to develop a better picture of what happened. That has great value because as Mark Twain is often quoted, “History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” I bring this up because The First American Civil War is about to rhyme. We will be better served by understanding the causes and effects of that horror as we enter the next one. If you think it was about Honest Abe freeing the slaves, then your mythology will be misleading your understanding of current events. Hurry […]

USA Drone Corps

Real soldiers fighting real enemies with deadly force-on-force confrontations being a real part of their lives are disgusted with the obamanation of the new distinguished service ribbon for the heroes of the game consoles. The Pentagon announced a medal for drone pilots of unmanned aircraft. The Distinguished Warfare Medal will be given to pilots of unmanned aircraft, offensive [cyberwar] experts or others directly involved in combat operations but who are not physically in theater. As if it could get any worse, medals for these stateside computer console jockeys will outrank the Bronze Star with Valor device. […]