There is a lot of information being hurled around regarding the health care exchanges. Some of it must be true, but that means much of it is not. Idaho’s governor has cast his ballot. Now the state legislature will decide what they will do. We have a brief window of opportunity to influence the outcome. By happy coincidence, there is a very thorough education event on that very topic next Monday, which for many is a holiday. It starts with a debate of some genuine experts (and I mean that sincerely) on both sides of the Idaho state health exchange issue. […]

the hammer’s crashing down

I just ran across a performance that I must share. This one is thanks of the Oath Keepers website. I recommend you click the link in the next paragraph and go there for it, rather than read the version I copied below. It will be a much better presentation for you. However, if for any reason, the link breaks or that site is unavailable, the text and video are available from here. Go to the Oath Keepers page linked below, click on the video to play it, then follow the lyrics below the playing video as he sings and plays his new song. This is one stirring and inspirational song, and very much keyed to the times we are entering […]

pro-gun rally Saturday

Boise is joining a nation-wide, state-by-state event this Saturday. At high-noon (local) people supporting our natural right to self-defense, and particularly the fact it is enshrined in the Constitution of this republic, will converge on their state capitals to remind the politicians of that. This grass-roots, near-spontaneous event will be in the rotunda of the Idaho State Capital building. I am among the speakers with presentations beginning at noon. It is a family-friendly event. ——- […]

what if

Would it matter if Sandy Hook was theater rather than fact? I mean, would it make a difference to you? Is it any of your concern if those children were killed? Or if the entire Sandy Hook affair was a marketing ploy? Like an advertising campaign to sell something. What if the people acting in this play knew it was fiction? If the people purporting to “Prevent recurrence” had another agenda altogether, would you want to know what it was? […]

did it happen?

My friend Tim the hippy-carpenter used to enjoy challenging the official story that NASA made it to the moon and back. His story was that it all was filmed in warehouse studios. Now I come across a video that is just about as much at odds with what I thought had happened at Sandy Hook. Using much of the same videos and news broadcasts, plus a lot more, he lays out another story that is as compelling as it is startling. I encourage you to watch Did This Shooting Really Happen? […]

gun-ban-related videos

I have been accumulating a number of short clips on the gun control subject. These are the best of many that come my way. I haven’t come up with an ideal way to share them, but here is my first try. […]

mass mind control

Near the end of a meeting last night whose main speaker explained Agenda 21, someone proposed writing letters to television networks requesting more accurate news. I briefly explained the media monopoly and told them, Six corporations gained control of 96% of the media for a reason: To shape the information you get. They want to control what goes into your mind. They are not going to give that power up because you ask nicely. Remove yourself from their power. Gather your news from the Internet. You will have to use your head to tell fact from fiction, but unlike television, at least the truth is available. […]

good news

Good news – Bad news The good news is our enemy thinks they cannot win. The bad news is they are about to declare war on you. You can tell by the frantic nature of their efforts to take away our semi-automatic rifles that everything else is in place. Their false flag events are getting sloppier and more frequent, but the people are not quite as stupid as they hoped. Congress still doesn’t have the votes to ban the best tool we the people have against fascist takeover. Now via Vice President Biden, they are openly testing the waters to see if we will accept an executive order confiscating semi-auto rifles. Make no mistake, THAT will be their declaration of […]