I don’t believe in coincidence

In every good spy movie, every good detective book, the protagonist “Does not believe in coincidence”. Sure enough, the secret agents, evil forces, evil doers always get caught because the coincidences are not, well, coincidental. They are related. They come from the same parentage.

I just saw this picture on my “police state” side-bar slide show. That one on the left column a couple slots down from the top.


Holey Crap!

Aurora, Colorado!!!

I remembered the news story. The vivid image of this “adult” cop with the ready-to-rumble haircut pointing a 12-gauge pump at an unarmed teenage boy. The *&%$#)%$ looks ready to turn that young lad into a mass of blood and guts for the crime of living.

Waitaminnut… that’s the very same place where a witness saw someone go sit in the front row of a theater, receive a phone call and then open the emergency exit looking left and right as if to see someone coming.

Then, according to the official Aurora Police Chief’s story, ONE gas-mask and ballistic-vest wearing space cadet threw tear gas around the dark theater and opened fire with one rifle…. mask, vest, tear gas canisters and rifle all having come through the front door on a LONE GUNMAN that none of the theater entry-point workers or customers noticed as unusual. Nope, the shooter was “wearing a checkered shirt” was the official story.

This is the same Aurora, Colorado where the reports of a massive blood trail leaving the theater, TWO gas masks found outside, a car leaving the back side of the theater, and where a completely drugged-up, doped-out alleged shooter was found semi-comatose in his car immediately following the shooting… where witnesses in the aftermath talked of two shooters.

When they want to, it seems every time someone takes a bullet wound to the normal places you take such things, the police are notified and take the suspect into custody. Lots of blood in Aurora, but no suspect. Mr. Stoner isn’t bleeding. Nobody else (in the official report) left via the back door.

You can follow a whole lot more of the suppressed evidence here: Evidence-of-multiple-shooters-at-Aurora-Theater-massacre-covered-up”> or, better still, do your own ixquick search on “Aurora theater multiple shooters“.

Oh, No. The real Aurora, Colorado has an honorable, honest police chief who did a sterling investigation finding that all those real-time reports were delusional. One space cadet did it all.

Yeah. That’s it. It was an Assault Rifle that animated itself to action and drug this poor prescription-psychotropic-med drug-user into its evil vortex to kill all those innocents.

The same sheriff who condones pointing shotguns at teenagers who commit the crime of being in Aurora.

The same sheriff who can handcuff EVERYBODY who happens by an intersection …
an intersection of Power and RunAmok.

Another thing making Aurora really special, “the Arapahoe County Court judge has granted a request to seal the case against Holmes after the prosecutors argued that disclosing the court records would be “contrary to public interest” and “could jeopardize the ongoing investigation.”

Oh yeah, investigative journalists have a bad habit of jeopardizing investigations.

By the way, the same faces from a special actors guild show up here and at Sandy Hook. You should see the photos of Holmes’ lawyer and the main mom from Sandy Hook side by side.

Coincidence to be sure.