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sheepskin necklace

wolf-in-sheeps-clothingI just saw a headline: “Obama is a wolf in sheep’s clothing”. Pshaw. The wolf is wearing a sheepskin necklace and that apparently is enough to fool some little lambs who are either deaf, dumb and blind or who are willing participants in the delusion.

I am going to break it down for you, but use another of the wolf pack as my example.

Among her “claims to fame”, Dianne Feinstein gets “credit” as author of the disastrous “Assault Weapons Ban” of 1994 that did absolutely nothing constructive and very many things that were both ridiculous and destructive. Fortunately, that one was “allowed to expire” when it’s built-in ten year expiration date arrived. Unfortunately, she’s doing it again.

Many think she is stupid. They write letters, send faxes, e-mail and call her office staff to “educate” the senator. Not at all surprising, millions of contacts later, she is still on the wrong side of everything the federal government does in regards to our self-defense rights. Stupid is something that knowledge can fix. Yet all this knowledge the serfs have served to her has yet to fix her stupid.

Of twenty-eight million (28,000,000) adults in California, two are US Senators. The odds are thusly fourteen million to one that any of those adults gets to be Senator. It is not for lack of qualifications, as nearly all of them are more honorable and honest, which is something we should all want in our representatives.

No, it is because she is quite crafty that over seven million (7,864,624) people voted for her. The captive media called it a “landslide” as less than five million (4,713,887) voted for her only competitor. However, the stark truth is that twenty million people who could have, did NOT vote for Mz Feinstein (20,094,292). The real landslide is that 72% didn’t buy what she was selling. That doesn’t matter, however. What matters is she was clever enough to get the job… again and again. Neither stupid nor ignorant apply to her.

Thus, attempting to educate or inform her of some fact is an absolute waste of energy. Bullies and brutes understand only force. Pleading is exactly like bleating, it’s what prey does before it gets wolfed down.

It is also not valid to attribute honorable motives to her anti-gun stance. That again assumes ignorance. Ignorance is not her excuse. Education is not the cure. Dishonorable is the operative term here.

So what are the motives? She seems completely focused on banning semi-automatic, or self-loading rifles. Why them? Cars, doctors, knives, hospitals, hammers, prescription meds, bathtubs, swimming pools and a major host of things deal out more death annually than self-loading rifles. Why them? Why does she want them out of your hands?


A fascist government’s worst enemy is her enemy?
The best genocide-prevention tool is her enemy?

That should tell you everything you need to know about her.

Now look at who is on the same team.

Run them through the same “are they stupid” test.

That should tell you everything you need to know about them.

The brute’s only friend is force. Their only enemy is force. You have to work one side or the other if you intend to survive. Remove her force. Reduce their power.

Find people in the Senate and House who are not champions of disarmament. Work with them. Put pressure on them. But remember, they are not stupid. You are not going to educate them. They, too, only understand force and the threat of force.

If they are champions of populace disarmament, forget them. But if they are not, Influence Them. Keep your message simple. My natural right of self-defense is non-negotiable. I will work FOR anyone who supports it and AGAINST anyone who doesn’t. These folks far prefer going to Washington DC and feeling important than any alternative use of their time. They will take this threat seriously… if they hear it from enough people.

Bring the debate to the local level. Regionally the odds improve dramatically from millions-to-one down to thousands or even just a few against one. Here too, don’t waste your time with rabid gun confiscators. You know what they are. Remove their power by dealing in a firm, straightforward manner with those who can give or take away power and support. Contact your state representatives.

There is even a strategy that reverses the odds into our favor. City council meetings are hardly attended at all. People who want a council action in their favor come to meetings to plead their cases. That’s a handful. Five people supporting one topic at a city council meeting is a crowd. Twenty is a mob. Take a dozen friends and family members to your next city council meeting. Ask them to support your rights to self-defense. Here is some text that you can easily modify to serve the purpose: 2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinance

Do the same thing at the county level. When the cities pass these ordinances, not only do you now have the local police on your side, you can take that to the county supervisors with a whole lot more credibility and power on your side. There is that use of force again. They understand that.

As the cities and counties begin asserting their sovereignty and support for the people, NOW the state representatives really start paying attention.

And the snowball begins to roll.

You remember that paragraph above, “The brute’s only friend is force. Their only enemy is force. You have to work one side or the other if you intend to survive.”

In this essay, I focused on reducing the brutes’ force. On the other side of this equation, do not ever give up or register ownership of your semi-auto rifles. They are clearly key elements preventing whatever evil lurks in the hearts of your enemies. If you don’t have one, you should at the very least fight for your neighbors right to own one as if you life depended on it. It just might.