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There is a lot of information being hurled around regarding the health care exchanges. Some of it must be true, but that means much of it is not. Idaho’s governor has cast his ballot. Now the state legislature will decide what they will do. We have a brief window of opportunity to influence the outcome.

healthcareexchangerallyBy happy coincidence, there is a very thorough education event on that very topic next Monday, which for many is a holiday. It starts with a debate of some genuine experts (and I mean that sincerely) on both sides of the Idaho state health exchange issue.

The Gem State Tea Party is presenting an educational seminar on ObamaCare in Idaho.

Monday, January 21st

Boise Conference Center

discussion and debate 9:00-11:00am

no-host lunch 11:00-1:00pm

rally on Capital steps 1:00-1:15pm

meet with legislators 1:15-3:00pm