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Would it matter if Sandy Hook was theater rather than fact?detective

I mean, would it make a difference to you?

Is it any of your concern if those children were killed?

Or if the entire Sandy Hook affair was a marketing ploy?
Like an advertising campaign to sell something.

What if the people acting in this play knew it was fiction?

If the people purporting to “Prevent recurrence” had another agenda altogether, would you want to know what it was?

Suppose the real world was more complicated and people more intelligent than they assumed?

There would be mistakes in their production. There would be gaps requiring audience participation much like when parents watch their child’s school play. Would you, like a proud parent, squint and ignore the separation from reality, or would you ask yourself,
“What do they really want?”
“Why are they lying to us?”
“What is the real purpose of this show?”

Would you continue to listen to these spokesmen at all?

What if a group of people were slick and powerful enough to put on a show with as many pieces in play as it would take to present a fiction on this scale?

What if you life depended on the answers to the above?

What if those you loved depended on the right answers to those questions?

That, my friends, is the truth.
They are executing their agenda.
The end game is on.
The end times are in front of us.
We are players in the most significant junction mankind has faced.
There has never been a greater challenge to humanity.

Look at Sandy Hook.
Use your senses.
Turn your brain ON.

Then, with your mind open, look at the other false flags and the agendas they enabled.