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pro-gun rally Saturday

Boise is joining a nation-wide, state-by-state event this Saturday.

At high-noon (local) people supporting our natural right to self-defense, and particularly the fact it is enshrined in the Constitution of this republic, will converge on their state capitals to remind the politicians of that.

This grass-roots, near-spontaneous event will be in the rotunda of the Idaho State Capital building. I am among the speakers with presentations beginning at noon.

It is a family-friendly event.


Here is more information on the national event that I copied from the
Go there to see it with all of its links to supporting information.

In response to all the discussion calling for more gun control legislation to be proposed, a nationwide event called, “Guns Across America” is being rapidly organized. The idea is to schedule a Pro-2nd Amendment rally at every state capitol across the nation to send a peaceful but strong message to our state legislatures that the overwhelming majority of Americans actually do not want any new gun control legislation passed in our states. The events will take place at “high noon” local time on Saturday, January 19, 2013 at your state capitol.

I was fortunate enough to catch up with the brainchild for this nationwide event by email and was able to ask him a few questions. Eric Reed describes himself as a family man and an ordinary American that has become very concerned about the direction of our nation. He is currently employed full-time as an Airline Captain and resides with his family in Texas. In his spare time, he also has a website called, “Gun Control = More Crime”.

Certainly, the real statistics back-up his website’s title. In our states and in other countries that have imposed the strictest gun control measures, we have seen that they have experienced a tremendous increase in violent crime after restricting the rights of law-abiding citizens from being able to possess firearms in order to protect their families and their property. For example, if you are a criminal considering committing burglary, you would not go out of your way to go into a home in Kennesaw, Georgia where it is mandated that all adult citizens own a firearm and be trained in how to use it. A criminal would feel much safer to break into a home in Chicago, Illinois which has some of the strictest gun control laws in our nation and as a result is experiencing a skyrocketing high rate of crime.

When asked what the ultimate cause was for him organizing this event, Eric’s response was as follows:

I’m saddened with the direction our country is heading. I keep hearing about new restrictive gun legislation and a possible executive order. The restrictions our congress is considering implementing are infringing on our basic Second Amendment rights and I feel that somebody must take a stand. Time is crucial! I felt if we could get “mass numbers” of Americans out for a peaceful rally for gun rights, our nation’s elected officials (who work for us) will have to take notice.

Isn’t it time for people to turn off their television sets, pack the kids up in the car and raise their voices in a peaceful protest to show that they do not want any new gun control laws passed in their state? To get involved and participate in this event at your state capitol, Eric has set-up a facebook event page to organize this effort called, “Guns Across America”. Eric has confirmed that 42 states will be participating so far and hopes that all 50 will have events on Saturday. If you see on the facebook page that there is no organizer for your state yet, then step-up to the plate and volunteer to organize the event at your state capitol.

While we are all quick to chastise the critters in Washington, DC for passing unconstitutional (illegal) legislation, it would in actuality not have much effect or teeth at all if we did not sit back and allow our state legislatures to do the very same thing. We have heard the saying that all politics is local and it really is. Not only should we be encouraging one another to go to their state capitols next Saturday to make it clear that we object to any new gun control legislation but they need to also know that we don’t approve of the gun control measures that have already been enacted in our states. You may want to ask your state legislators, “What part of SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED are you having a hard time comprehending? If they do understand and agree with you, then ask them to work on the repeal of specific statutes in your state that infringe on your constitutional rights.

What does Eric hope to accomplish on Saturday?

Simple! Send our leaders a very clear and resounding message. Gun control equals more crime. This has been factually proven time and time again. We already have copious amounts of gun laws on the books. We don’t need any more. The American people will be heard. NO NEW GUN RESTRICTIONS!

Millions of Americans around the country could give Eric a big AMEN on that by planning to show-up at their state capitol at “high noon” on Saturday, January 19, 2013. Let’s do what we can to make this upcoming event a huge success. The more that attend, the more likely our voices will not only be heard but be taken more seriously.