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did it happen?

My friend Tim the hippy-carpenter used to enjoy challenging the official story that NASA made it to the moon and back. His story was that it all was filmed in warehouse studios.

Now I come across a video that is just about as much at odds with what I thought had happened at Sandy Hook. Using much of the same videos and news broadcasts, plus a lot more, he lays out another story that is as compelling as it is startling.

I encourage you to watch Did This Shooting Really Happen?

Now here is a web page with numerous pictures that stretch coincidence beyond tolerable limits. There is another “TRUTH” out there that we should seek.

Remarkable resemblances

Now for the really strange stuff, here is evidence the false flag creators are toying with us. The producers of the famous Aurora theater movie had links to the future Sandy Hook incident. Gotham renamed Sandy Hook

obama-tearIt’s not really worthy of a post of its own, but I have seen this image dozens of times. It ALWAYS gives me the same annoying reaction… Have you ever wiped away a tear or tears from the upper outside of your eyelid? Heck, the slimeball isn’t even a good actor yet the people love to believe him

Heck, he could have used the adjacent finger to add a level of realism. They’d adore him just the same.