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I sit in awe of this speech. Stewart Rhodes, the founder of Oath Keepers, spoke before 1,700 people in Coeur d’Alene. His speech is so great, so stirring, so enlightening that the microphone problem couldn’t take anything from it. Dang, but I would love to hear that in the Treasure Valley. Nevertheless, listen to it. Take it into your heart. This is today’s reality. Stewart Rhodes, Second Amendment Rally Speech .

your enemies – a list

Semi-auto rifles in the people’s hands are quite clearly THE THING those who would rule us fear. Thus, before they get their way with the political systems of this country and the world, they have decided the private ownership of semi-auto rifles MUST be reduced significantly. The documentation that these guns are a tiny blip on crime statistics is widely available. The motivation for “assault rifle bans” is blatantly clear. Thus, this list, though it may include a few ignorant people, is primarily a who’s-who of those who would enslave you. This list should be reviewed by all. They are The Enemy of all you hold dear… assuming life, liberty and property for you and your family, friends, neighbors, etc. […]

the fed

This is an outstanding explanation of The Federal Reserve, the dollar and you. G. Edward Griffin is expert, speaks very well and explains the big picture with accessible, comprehensible clarity. Even understanding the topic well, I enjoyed and benefited from seeing and hearing it explained so succinctly. Legalized Plunder of the American people

litmus test

The top generals in the USA military are being asked this question: If USA citizens were ordered to relinquish their firearms, but refused to lay them down, would you, could you follow an order from your superior officers, including ‘the commander in chief’ to fire upon, to have the troops under your command fire upon those American people? If they answer “Yes”, they continue as the top generals in the USA military forces. If they answer “No”, they are retired. Here is the 21-minute video: Obama to Top Brass: Will You Fire on American Citizens? By the way, WHEN Congress declares war, the president of the united states BECOMES Commander In Chief. Congress has not declared war since 1946. Thus […]


In the United States of America, the people chose representatives at the state level. The state representatives wrote a constitution that created their offspring, a federal government with strictly limited powers. The state representatives DELEGATED specific powers to the central government and RETAINED all others for the states and for the people. This is all spelled out quite clearly in your copy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Mr Raney, who currently occupies the office of Ada County Sheriff, claims the opposite. I cannot confirm whether he actually believes what he says and does, but his actions and words indicate that he is eager to consider the people occupying offices of the federal government as supreme beings, and assist […]

Raney comes out of the closet

I ran against the guy for a reason. One of us had the courage and knowledge to uphold the Constitution and be a key check and balance against federal government overreach. But he had too many advantages in that election. While 41,000 adults of Ada County understood what was at stake, they weren’t enough. Today the Idaho Statesman published Raney’s rationalization for subordinating his office to the federal police state. It is hard to describe politely. I suppose I should allow the possibility he is merely mistaken; ignorant of his job and the proper role of the sheriff. I know the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association (CSPOA) has attempted to reach him numerous times. I know he was given […]

I don’t believe in coincidence

In every good spy movie, every good detective book, the protagonist “Does not believe in coincidence”. Sure enough, the secret agents, evil forces, evil doers always get caught because the coincidences are not, well, coincidental. They are related. They come from the same parentage. I just saw this picture on my “police state” side-bar slide show. That one on the left column a couple slots down from the top. Holey Crap! Aurora, Colorado!!! I remembered the news story. The vivid image of this “adult” cop with the ready-to-rumble haircut pointing a 12-gauge pump at an unarmed teenage boy. The *&%$#)%$ looks ready to turn that young lad into a mass of blood and guts for the crime of living. […]

sheepskin necklace

I just saw a headline: “Obama is a wolf in sheep’s clothing”. Pshaw. The wolf is wearing a sheepskin necklace and that apparently is enough to fool some little lambs who are either deaf, dumb and blind or who are willing participants in the delusion. I am going to break it down for you, but use another of the wolf pack as my example. Among her “claims to fame”, Dianne Feinstein gets “credit” as author of the disastrous “Assault Weapons Ban” of 1994 that did absolutely nothing constructive and very many things that were both ridiculous and destructive. Fortunately, that one was “allowed to expire” when it’s built-in ten year expiration date arrived. Unfortunately, she’s doing it again. Many think […]