chasing our tails

It saddens me to find well meaning groups and individuals posting themselves as armed guards to protect schools from attacks like the one two weeks ago. It is like fire fighters massing at a the sight of a recent fire to protect it from another arson. They aren’t studying the arsonist well enough to prepare for the next fire.
Army post, movie theater, shopping mall, public school … Schools are not the common denominator. They go where they control the evidence, the media and the chief investigator. Attack THAT. Take their spin-master away. Don’t accept their lies. Don’t let anyone else accept them. Share the holes in their stories.

The attack planners need rapidly progressing gun confiscation. They are incredibly anxious. You can sense that in the shrillness of their rhetoric; their willingness to blatantly violate the Constitution; the gross mistakes they make in their false flag events.

They have the currency collapse, world war, mass famine, next false flag(s) and maybe even a dose or two of nuclear and biological events scripted, choreographed and the casting selected. They also have their knight-in-shining-armor act all polished up to take over the world,

The little problem they expected to have solved by now is the 75 million American gun owners and their 300 million guns. It is really hard to subjugate a people when they outgun you 30 to one. Military doctrine dictates that attacking forces are supposed to outgun defenders by 8 to one.

Bringing in lots of foreign troops will help, but unless they can divide us into manageable, bite-sized pieces, they are going to lose this one. Hopefully we will be smart enough to kill the head of the beast after we fight off their mercenaries. Sadly we aren’t bright enough to get the head without having to fight the war.

They will continue to do whatever it takes. If this false flag event doesn’t get their required results there will be another. They will control the media. They will control the evidence. They will control the investigation. These events will only take place where all three factors coincide.

That they don’t have COMPLETE CONTROL of those three is probably part of their failure.

The Internet with a well-armed populace at its side is their worst enemy.

Defend those as if your life, liberty, property and posterity depend on it … because they do.