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missed the memo

Gosh, even in The People’s Republic of California, where EVERYONE agrees that guns are bad, victimhood is honor and only the special people deserve armed protection, The Sacramento Bee reports that gun sales are up.


It is rather apparent that several hundred thousand people didn’t get the memo.

When I found myself completely out of sync with my neighbors, I changed neighborhoods by moving where I was more normal (I know, I know … those who really know me are laughing, but even you might note I said “more normal”.)

I really doubt the urban and suburban Californians who are prepared to defend themselves, their families and their neighborhoods will convince their neighbors to participate. I even suspect they will find themselves at risk in the current political climate if they are found out. But someday they may be the most highly valued of neighbors.

I met a guy who lived in a real high-end Silicon Valley neighborhood. In addition to nice guns for his own use, he bought a large number of cheap Chinese semi-auto rifles along with cases of surplus ammo. He understood that his neighbors hated privately-owned guns only temporarily. When they needed them, he would have some to loan out. His neighborhood would be secure in spite of their myopia.

I couldn’t afford that trick. Moreover, I am not sure I would feel secure in a tiny island of armed defenders surrounded by a sea of victims in a storm of assailants.

I had to move where even people who see no massive political threat on the horizon have the tools for disaster response, in spite of the fact they happen to own them only for hunting or defense from individual hoodlums.