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Want Change?

man_versus_tankEight positive steps each of us can easily make that will do our part for a better world. There are a few entries in my list that may surprise you.

I borrowed the idea and some of the steps from someone else, but as I read their list I realized that some of them were actually counter-productive in spite of being common knowledge. So, of course, I set out to fix it.

1. Do not pay interest to banks.
Do not borrow what you cannot immediately repay interest free. Stop giving them your earnings. They are the heart of the beast. Do not let them own you. Strive to have more in savings than you have in debt and make sure your savings are secure (see #4).

2. Barter.
Take your energy out of the rigged market. Do not feed the monster. Prepare for life after its death. Start as soon as possible; even baby steps are steps in the right direction. Develop a skill or resource that will thrive in a barter economy.

3. Fully-utilize government largess.
Sign up for any government subsidy you can. Do not become dependent, but DO contribute your fair share towards consuming the beast. It will not die until it is more burden than the producers can bear. Help speed the demise and prepare to survive the death throes.

4. Accumulate silver coins.
The wild printing of paper dollars will continue until the value is gone. It will be replaced with another unbacked currency owned by the bankers. Silver coins cannot be forged or inflated. Prepare for, and as soon as possible, begin transacting business in real, tangible money.

5. Shop locally-owned stores.
Keep your money circulating in your community. Make it a core part of your life and have it be part of yours. You will feel an immediate side effect in building pleasant relationships within your neighborhood.

6. Grow as much food as you can.
Potted indoor plants, window boxes, container gardens, back lawn conversions and community gardens are important supplies of high-quality food. Healthy soil, tools and knowledge of their use are treasures to be prized.

7. Re-use, recycle, re-purpose.
Utilize thrift stores, swap meets, yard sales, classified ads and creativity rather than buying new.

8. Avoid fast food.
While filling, it is nutritionally questionable at best. Learn that being occasionally hungry is not life-threatening. Take water and home-made trail mix from the bulk foods section of the grocery along on your outings. If you treat yourself to a meal out, make it a good one from a restaurant owned by a neighbor who is in business for the love of serving good food rather than the love of money.

9. Strengthen your community.
Get to know your neighbors. Volunteer. Share your skills, your energy. Meet people in the real world. Turn off your television. Do things that are useful; stuff you are proud of.

10. Feed your head.
Did I mention, Turn Off Your Television? This is worse than just their mind control central. It actually makes physical changes to your brain. Don’t make it easy for them. Read … even if you have to learn how again.

11. Stand up to bullies.tank-man-ted-dunlap
Big bullies start out as little bullies. They do not fundamentally change. They understand only brute force. Be that force.