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mall shooting explained

A man takes a gun into a shopping mall, shoots a bunch of people then kills himself with it. The victims and their families have nobody alive to sue. The five CEOs who control 90% of all media make sure the gun is blamed. The you-should-be-defenseless politicians whip the gun ban legislation out of their filing cabinets and give it another go.

colorado-shooting Since many people are not quite that stupid, concealed carry permit issuance, gun ownership, new gun sales and ammo sales are at an all time high.

It doesn’t matter if it is a mall, theater, school, train station or any other place. The scenario plays out the same. If an armed citizen is there, the shooter stops because he gets shot. Statistically, instead of fourteen dead there are two.

However, along comes the Liberty-Should-Be-Defenseless Law Center, masquerading as an advocate for the underpriviledged, who convinces the injured perpetrator or the family of the deceased perpetrator that there may be money in this for them. Off to court they all go to make The Defender pay.

And pay he does. His gun is confiscated “for evidence” until the legal profession is through with him in a year or two. He must immediately come up with $20,000 to pay the legal profession to protect him from the legal profession. (This inbred, closed-loop system is a major problem, but a considerable essay of its own.)

Corporate media straps on logger boots and dances on his life and his family. The man who would be hero is now found to be unusual – it doesn’t matter how, he does something somewhere in his life not average and THAT is made sport of; publicly ridiculed.

If The Defender is an employee of the business where the shooting took place, that business is in even more trouble.

Theoretical deeper pockets excite an even larger, more enthusiastic legal hit squad. The increased vulnerability of losing business stimulates major media into a shark-like feeding fenzy. The business liability insurance company and its lawyers want only to get out of the situation as inexpensively as possible no matter who wins or loses in the legal process. The business owner likely has to come up with $20,000 to hire the legal profession to protect him personally from the legal profession.

The disastrous aftermath is widely publicized. Every potential defender and every business who does not specifically take steps to prevent defense on their premisis is served notice: Avoid victimhood at your peril.

And yet, still concealed carry permit issuance, gun ownership, new gun sales and ammo sales are at an all time high. Some of you are just not getting it. Some of you aren’t absorbing our television programming. Some of you don’t seem to believe our politicians rhetoric.

Fortunately for The Agenda, the majority does. The mass shootings take place where the vulnerable are the predominate representatives of our species. The you-should-be-defenseless politicians continue to use our money against us, the bar association continues to own the legal process, and the government-granted-monopoly media continues to have an audience.

The beatings will continue until morale improves.