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attacking the dhs zombie

dhs-zombies U.S. Senator Coburn is attacking the Department of Homeland Security’s $47-billion budget.


Our lives, liberty and property would be far more secure if it were cut by $47 billion.

Meanwhile, DHS spent five days preparing San Diego responders to deal with an attack of zombies.

This is worse than a sick joke. First they throw freshly-printed feral-reserve-notes around like a giant monster sprinkling holy water on maurading hordes, Thus equipped with armored cars, armored suits, military assault equipment and full-auto rifles the San Diego public servants practice gunning down local actors hired to play dead and dying, who then jump up after the show and say, “Wheee, wasn’t that fun?”

These impressionable wannabe-warriors get a view of a world that closely resembles the real world you and I live in, yet in this brave new world they get to use lethal force on the other team, you know, the one whose members wear a different uniform from ours. After a lifetime of cheering for the team who wears “our colors” and booing the other teams, this seems perfectly normal.

Wow! I get to come out of the grandstands and gun down the other team. * We Win * thanks to me and my buddies.

What’s not to love about this???

As long as you get to wear their uniforms
and have no moral unease with slaughtering non-you people.

But, heck, our tax dollars are doing that every day to non-us Arabian men, women and children who wear funny clothes and are too stupid to speak English.

Bringing it home is no big deal… it might even be fair, in a cosmic sense.